Friday, December 21, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 12.21.2018

Meet Clancy!

This is DD's Christmas gift! Pieced, quilted and bound! Only labeling left to finish!

pattern info: Ararat from MSQC

panto info: fern gully

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

WIP Wednesday 12.19,2018

If it's Wednesday, it must be binding day!

Only now! I usually machine quilt my bindings on both sides.
Not only makes finishing faster but also is easier on my hands...

Monday, December 17, 2018

Design Wall 12.17.2018

I finished the Ararat quilt to a flimsy. I added a little different border to make it bed size.

pattern info:

Ararat found here. 
size: approximately 72 x 84 before quilting

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Monday Making

Friday, December 14, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 12.14.2018

I let the cat out of the bag! LOL and showed DD her Christmas quilt.

DD's spirit animal is an elephant and when I saw this tutorial from MSQC, I KNEW I had to make one for her.

So far this is what I have completed. I want to lengthen it so more borders will be needed!

Good thing Christmas is still one week (or so) away...


Ararat by Jenny Doan

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WIP Wednesday 12.12.2018

DO you know a hockey player?


This stocking really challenged me. If he decides that he doesn't want it after the holidays - I just may cut it up and add it to the dog bed scraps...


I roughly followed the MSQC stocking tutorial, found here. I traced the blade from one of DD's old CCM skates and made it the size to fit the stocking. I did use heavyweight interfacing to give the blade some 'ummmph'.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Design Wall Monday 12.10.2018

Anyone know a Chicago Blackhawks fan?

I DO! and I made him a quilt for Christmas!

pattern info:

Warm Wishes (I've had this pattern since it was a Project Linus Quiltmaker free quilt)

pant info:


Ready to label and hid threads!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 12.7.2018

I finished the Quilt-lets, well ahead of the Thursday,
Dec. 13th deadline! These are wheelchair quilts-lets that will be donated to a local nursing home. They are approximately 36 x 36.

Quilt-let 1 is from a Oconomowoc Guild packet.

pattern info: none-just a bunch of 6.5 inch squares. I started it at the guild sew day and on the way home...some goofiness occurred! Now it's just a random pattern.

panto info: dazzle

Quilt-let 2 is from my NMU sewing weekend.

pattern info: half log cabin using 3.5 inch strips

panto info: dazzle

Quilt-let 3 is from my NMU sewing weekend.

pattern info: half log cabin using 3.5 inch strips.

panto info: dazzle

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

WIP Quilt-lets 12.6.2018

I finished piecing the black and red wheelchair quilt tops aka quilt-lets. I elected to make another set of 8/16 blocks so I would be able to stick to the same color theme in each quilt-let.

The black with red accents quilt-let.

The red with black accents quilt-let.

pattern info:

half log cabin blocks with 3.5 inch strips

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Weekend Sewing...

...I had an impromptu trip to Marquette, Michigan and NMU. I didn't have a lot scheduled so I packed up some sewing to do in the hotel room. This is the first time that I have done hotel sewing and it definitely won't be my last if the opportunity arises!

My view from the window. My room was overlooking US Highway 41-the major road here in the business side of town.

My sewing space-the converted business desk.

My cutting area-just moved the tv a bit.

My pressing area-the iron and board provided by hotel. The board was a little wobbly but oh my, the iron was HOT and stayed on.

The fruits of my labor:

A couple of star blocks


half log cabin blocks.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 11.30.2018

My two Christmas tree skirts have been gifted and received.

One went to my nephew who purchased his first house December 2017. I didn't have time to create a tree skirt last year so I made it a priority this November.

pattern info: Connie at FreeMotion by the River blog
                     (I didn't find the tutorial but Connie writes about
                        the quilt)

panto info:

Continous Baptist Fans

The second Christmas Tree skirt went to my son. He recently moved into his own place and purchases a tree!

My son is a Red Wing fan so Red Wing fabric on the back!

pattern info:

Connie at FreeMotion by the River

panto info:

Continous Baptist Fans

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

WIP Wednesday 11.28.2018

I pieced together another wheelchair quilt top from the charity group. I arranged it on the table, sewed the rows and then transported it home for completion.

Somehow, I goofed up the arrangement with two lights together. I really am learning to love my design wall I have in the sewing room!

I also pieced a few string blocks and stars for my FB Quilt of Valor Stars block drive. This current drive ends 12.31.2018. They have only received a fraction of the goal so I will be making more blocks to send along.

I have six more cut that I can piece before starting in on my Christmas projects and hopefully, be able to sew a few more.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 11.17.2018

My 'Hockey is Life' is finished!

This quilt will be donated to the Arrowhead Girls Hockey Team for their 5th Annual Turkey Tourney Raffle Baskets. The Raffle Baskets raise money for Arrowhead Hockey.

quilt info:  10 inch cut squares
                  2.5 inch cornerstones and sashing
                  free pieced letters in Toni Rucci style

panto info: fern gully

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

WIP Wednesday 11.14.2018

I quilted down 'HOCKEY IS LIFE'.  I learned quite a few things making this quilt. This is the first time I remember free piecing letters in the border.

quilt info: 10 inch cut squares with
                2.5 inch cut sashing/cornerstones

free piecing the Toni Rucci method

panto info: fern gully

Monday, November 12, 2018

Design Wall 11.12.2018

I'm working on a hockey raffle basket quilt.

I put together the main portion of the quilt using a variety of 10 inch squares of hockey fabric along with 2.5 inch cut sashing and cornerstones.

I then thought it was a good idea to free piece words in the border. I'm currently working on 'HOCKEY IS LIFE', but I am having trouble with the 'K'. This is the third 'K' I've made and I think I just might go with it! LOL

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 11-9-2018

A NewYear in the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild and a new Comfort Quilt destination!

We are starting the year making wheelchair quilts for the local Senior Center. The size runs from 36 inch square to 40 inch square...or approximately, lol!

My first two wheelchair quilts.

Left quilt: 10 inch squares, angel wings panto.

Right quilt: 2.5 inch strips with border, bubbles panto,

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

WIP 10.31.2018

I quilted down the next one in the queue.

pattern info: Hopscotch by Iris Sacar 

pants info: fern gully

Friday, October 26, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 10.26.2018

I finished piecing my HOT MESS into a flimsy. Not too sure that I like the top and bottom border treatment.  I'm trying to decide if I should rip and change it around a all the 6 inch squares together on the top border and I still have red/blue checkerboard that I would be able to use as the bottom border.

Still thinking it over...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

On My Design Wall 10.23.2018

I'm zero-ing in on completing the blocks for the Ben Franklin Quilt Club - Block of the Month.

The WERE suppose to be based on 3-6-9-12-15 inch blocks so that they would all join together. Well, as you might be able to tell, my block sizes are all over the board! I must have mis-cut and mis-sewed my pieces together! I think it's looking like a HOT MESS!

Wish me well in sashing and fudging the blocks so it all fits together. This ONE has really tested me on many different levels.

My HOT MESS, in all its glory!  lol

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 10.19.2018

I quilted and bound a couple of Comfort Quilts for the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild this week.

The quilts were pieced by members of the guild - Jody and Linda, I think and I put the finishes touches on them.

Quilt A:

pattern info:

squares and a border (?) a pretty basic scrappy quilt.

Before trimming and binding.

quilting info:

Fern Gully panto

Quilt B:

pattern info:

Lattice quilt - Missouri Star Quilt Company (I think)

quilting info:

Fern Gully panto

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Design Wall Monday 10.15.2018

Working on my QOV for the FB QOV Stars group. It's suppose to be secret but well, I can't decide of I should make the string match red or blue?

Stayed tuned for the final layout...

Blue strings together:

Red strings together:

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

WIP Wednesday 8.1.2018

One of my Facebook forums (Quilts of Valor Stars) is hosting a block drive. Any star pattern that finishes at 12 inches (12.5 inches unfinished). I'm not sure of this star's name but it is my *go to* star pattern. I previously made a set with a red background.

This time-blue backgrounds. I've made 7 so I have 7 to go. I wanted to see what each background would look like. :) The forum admin asks for blocks in two's...easier placements in quilts.

This drive ends on August 31st and the target number is 1776 star blocks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Design Wall Tuesday 7.31.2018


I saw Alycia's blog about one of her QOVers had passed away and she was putting out a call for flag blocks.

So I made a few to send off to Alycia.

I also saved a few out to make a quilt for our guild. PatR has put out a request for RWB quilts that measure 40 x 50 for her retirement center veterans. I wished I had used six flags instead of four...

Monday, July 9, 2018

Design Wall Monday 7.9.2018

On my design wall:

My finished coin quilt, all ready to donated to guild. The coins and sashings are from the guild stash...using up what we have!  lol

I quilted it with a new panto: Fern Gully. A shout out and thanks to Susan from the FB Quilt of Valor Stars group fro suggesting this panto to me. I really like the movement on it!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Design Wall Monday 7.2.2018

I'm working on a Comfort Quilt. At out June meeting, Heather shared her ideas for coin quilts. I snagged a group of 5 inch plaids, Heather cut and I began to sew them together. I didn't have enough to form vertical rows so I made horizontal rows instead. The beige print is also from the Comfort Quilts stash...

pattern details: horizontal Chinese coins - public domain.

Also, here is a tutorial from Moda Bakeshop

I was going to sew the outer border with the leftover coins a darker brown but, somehow, I forgot! Good thing, this is a little longer so I will need the extra for backing. lol

Monday, June 4, 2018

Design Wall Monday 6.4.2018

I'm working on a QOV from a panel that I received from Darla at the Facebook Quilt of Valor Stars group.


 found here

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Whoop! Whoop! 6.1.2018


another week has passed. My days seem to fly by...

I dove into my stash of 6.5 inch cut novelty squares. Sometimes I have a lot of repeats of a pattern so I like to arrange them in a diagonal set. This time I focused on mainly boyish prints (but a few ice cream cones snuck in!). I chose grey as the backgrounds in an effort to use the stash.

pattern info: tilted squares using the method from Sharyn Craig

pants info: Square Spiral 

The front cover of Sharyn's book.

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