Friday, October 31, 2008


And I've been BOO'ED by Jeanne at Luv2Stitch
I think I will BOO:

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bento Box Finished

I had originally planned on sewing the binding back during the second half of the last game of the World Series but I had forgotten I had a program planning meeting for the night guild.
Instead I worked on it will I was working on laundry. Here is the full picture of the quilt. Pattern is Bento Box by Tracey Brookshire.

Here is one of my 18 inch blocks.
Here is one of the 9 inch blocks. I used the Ebb and Flow pantograph from Willow Leaf Studio.
Here is a close up picture of the back and binding. I decided to make a scrappy red binding with the reds form the front, as I liked the way the red popped against the blue. (The beige is the carpeting the office/computer room at home.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Ummm...are you getting tired of this picture except with a different quilt?!

I sewed the binding onto Bento Boxes and it's time to sew it back.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Orange Sunshine

So far, I have the blocks made for 'Orange Sunshine'. Here they are on the design flannel.

Well...she DID say she wanted orange and orange she WILL get! :)

Actually, this was a good set of blocks to make today since it is cold and dreary out. I even saw a few flakes of *snow* drifting by the office window earlier. Things are bright (and orange!) in the sewing room.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #43

I had a very productive week in the sewing room...woohoo! Here is my report:
  • fabric received in: 4.5 yards
  • fabric used: - 14.0 yards
  • net fabric for the week: -9.5 yards (used)

Net fabric for the year: + 17 yards

What I accomplished this week:

  • made 3 totes for cancer patients
  • made Halloween tote and pillowcase for DD
  • pieced, quilted and bound Valor

Goals for next week:

Okay, this is a short week for me! DD comes home for the weekend on Wednesday at 12:00 noon followed by DS at 3:00 pm. DH is taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days! Keeping the goals light as there will be plenty of family time this coming week. :)

A Quilt-y Finish

During the World Series, I was able to finish sewing back the binding on Valor. This pattern is by Daniela Stout from Cozy Quilts and is in the book, The Giving Quilt. It was designed with the Quilts of Valor Foundation, in mind.

Here is one of the stars.
And a close-up of the quilting. This is the Ebb and Flow pantograph from WillowLeaf Studio.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Nag Day' Sewing

Yesterday was a 'Nag Day', a day to get to some of those 'things' that I just keep putting off. I sewed some in the morning, then did some errands, the usual stuff once the kids were home and dinner, then back to the sewing room.
Here is what was done:
Made then sewed the binding onto the Valor quilt. Even started to hand sew the binding back yesterday! This task usually waits a long time for me to complete!

Packaged up the ASAP quilts for Paula and mailed them off to her. Arrival should be early next week. Paula called, while I was out, and left a message that she had received 45 quilts at her guild meeting this week. Woohoo! Her goal was 40 quilts so she will be able to gift more to the children of the school age parents. Quilters everywhere are so generous! :)
I cut for Sarah's Orange Sunshine quilt. The pattern is 'Sunshine Makes Me Happy' from the book Strip Happy by Donna Kinsey. (Link here).
After dinner and a game with DH and DD, back to the sewing room I went. DD wants to be a vampire for Halloween so...making a cummerbund was on tap as she has a party and the subdivision Tick-or-Treating this weekend! We also found a cross for her to wear in my jewelry drawer and I made a fabric necklace that matches the cummerbund...thank goodness that I knew how to make tote bag straps! That's all the necklace 'chain' is but much thinner. :)

That's it...that's how my 'Nag Day' sewing went...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Today I was able to sew the remaining smaller blocks for the R/W/B Bento Box quilt top. One row was sewn into the larger 18 inch blocks and the bottom row needs joining into larger blocks then the whole top needs to be sewn together. The top two rows are pictured here (scroll to third picture).

After dinner, the kids and I went to the home improvement store to buy a piece of acrylic for the bottom of the 'jack' tote. Of course, right next door is the local Dairy Queen and a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard! woohoo! yummy! Thanks, Pam for suggesting this wonderful treat! Smooth, sweet, crunchy and light pumpkin flavor!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tote Bag Tuesday

I finished the three tote bags (with comfort pillows) for the cancer patients that I had cut out last week. This will bring my donation total to six for next month. I made another bright butterfly and two wild paisley prints that were on the bottom shelf of the cupboard. Wonder what other treasures lie hidden in the cupboard?! *VBG*

Since I was on a roll with the tote bags, I made one up for DD for Trick-or-Treating. She requested pumpkins and/or jack-o-lanterns. When I was young, we always used a pillowcase to collect our candy in. I had brought enough 'jacks' to also make a pillowcase to carry the overflow candy from the tote bag. Think I will go to the local home improvement store and buy some thin acrylic to make the bottom of the 'jack' tote a little sturdier...for all that candy she will collect! *VBG*

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #42

I had a really productive week. My report follows:
  • fabric received in: 4 yards
  • fabric used: -15 yards
  • net fabric for week: -11 yards (used)

Net fabric year to date: + 26.5 yards (added)

What I accomplished this week:

  • made 2 QOV pillowcases
  • made 3 tote bags for cancer patients
  • made 3 table toppers
  • quilted and bound Organic Packer quilt

Goals for next week:

  • make 3 tote bags for cancer patients
  • make Halloween tote for DD
  • make Halloween pillowcase for DD
  • piece Valor QOV quilt top (scroll to 2nd picture) to a flimsy
  • start to cut and piece the Orange quilt top

First, Thanks for all the Birthday Well Wishes...I'm running a bit behind on answering my comments but, I will! Wednesday is my annual Doctor appointment, we all know that I probably won't get any sewing in on that day but hopefully, my other days will be productive. :)

Quilt-a-thon Update

JudyL is hosting Quilt-a-thon this weekend. I wasn't sure that I would be able to participate but last night after chat and a few games with DD, I was able to sew the binding back on my Organic Packer quilt.

Here it is all ready for the game today! I used the rail fence block set in a keyhole block pattern. A friend at Thursday's sew in thought it looked like goalposts! Very fitting description as here is the Packer back. :)

Of course, a close up of the backing fabric.

Another close up of the Trailing Vine panto from Willow Leaf Studio.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Busy Couple of Days

Whew! These last few days have been busy! Let's catch up...

On Thursday, I finished sewing my third tote bag. Here are tote bag #2 and #3. I headed into Delafield to open the church for the Applique/UFO/Sew-what-you-want Group. Four ladies were working on applique. One lady had brought 1 tote bag she had made at home, another 4 (yes, 4!) and my 3. Right off the bat, we had 8 completed! Two more ladies arrived with their sewing machines rolling behind them, ready to assemble more tote bags. One sweet member had gone to another's house and picked up a roll of decor weight fabric and cut out fixin's for 8 more totes! Can you believe it...totally awesome! So between the two ladies at their sewing machines, one working the iron and pinning and me (who was stuffing the comfort pillows and pinning, just a little), the group sewed an additional 8 bags! Woohoo! I volunteered to bring the bags home then back to the next meeting...and, of course, for the photo op in my sewing room!

After the sewing, the ladies went to lunch then I needed to head home for DD's Parent Teacher Conference. She was worried that her grades had slipped but she is working hard at the spelling (she's in 4th grade). Pleasant surprise #1.

Thursday night was the Oconomowoc Guild Meeting with lots of business to cover. The pillowcases and food were presented, General Ben (didn't catch his last name) talked bout his two Tour of Duties in Iraq, the Angel Quilts were presented to the Hospice representative, our business meeting and a guest speaker! The meeting started at 7:00 pm and we didn't leave until 10:00 pm! Good thing the kids had Friday off school because bedtime was pushed way back. :)

Friday...My Birthday!

The day started with DS's Parent Teacher Conferences. He thought he was failing 3 classes. Pleasant surprise #2, he is only 'tanking' 1 class...Math and the teacher said he can come in after school for extra help! woohoo! Gotta love teachers who will help the kids that want to learn. :)

After that, went home and picked up the kids for a trip into Delafield. We went to Walmart to get some things for a Care Package for my Mom, my favorite lunch of a Reuben sandwich and side of German Potato Salad, shopping at Kohl's and posting the package to Mom. Pleasant surprise #3...DS's boss let him off work early to celebrate my birthday! So we all went out to an Italian Restaurant. Afterwards we had cake and ice cream and presents!

Here are my gifties I received from my family. The flowers and Jim Shore 2009 calendar are from DS. The new earbuds for my IPod from DD, fabric from DH (woohoo) and a DQ gift card from the whole gang! Ever since I read this post from Pam, I've been graving a Pumpkin Spice Blizzard.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WIP Wednesday A Cancer Bag

Yesterday afternoon, I cut out six cancer bags, pillows, handles and linings. Today I worked on sewing one of the bags together. I had made a bag about a year or so ago but, honestly, didn't remember how it went together. The construction is straight forward enough yet I had trouble with 'boxing' the corners as no dimension was given. I finally settled on 3 1/2 inches across the bottom width as I had my 3 1/2 inch square ruler out. I didn't sew up the comfort pillow as I wasn't sure of the softness/firmness level. Tomorrow at the sewing day, there will be ladies that will be able to help me determine the correct comfort level. I also made a banana bread to take for snack tomorrow.

I choose the butterflies for the outside because they are so bright and cheerful. All the bags will have the same girl-y white on pink polka dots...just because........polka dots are fun! I hope this bag will cheer someone as they are going through the breast cancer treatment. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Table Toppers

No, it's not Mickey Mouse in fabric!

Here are my table toppers that I made over the past few days. The table toppers are inspired by a pattern by Libby Lehman (sorry, couldn't find a link online of where to buy the pattern). I made the large one first and it is too big to fit on the side tables by the recliners in the family room. I then made the next size down and wa-la, it fits! I only wished that I hadn't used the medium brown as the outer border as it blends in with the wooden top of the table. EDIT: Pattern by Genii Lehmann.
I used fall leaves as the front and a Christmas print as the backing. The Christmas fabric was gifted to me a few years ago when my MIL was cleaning out a closet and discovered a box full of Christmas and other novelty fabric. At one point, she was going to make re-usable bags for gifts instead of gift wrap. She is way ahead of her time on 'Going Green'!

Here is one of the toppers on the side table!

Tuesday Update

I finally changed the pantograph on Valerie to Trailing Vine by Willow Leaf Studio (I'd link to the panto but the Willow Leaf website is still down) and started quilting my 'Organic Packer' quilt top.

A sneak peek of the quilting so far.

Monday, October 13, 2008

QOV Pillowcases

I was able to sew the next two QOV pillowcases while DH, DD and DS went for a motorcycle ride.

The first two have the bright white stars and the later have the tone on tone stars. I cut a few different reds for the trim and a few different creams for the accent, so the next QOV pillowcases will have more variety!

These are the 'goodies' DD and I decided to purchase for donation. Microwave popcorn, beef jerky, assorted rice krispies treats, drink mixes and some hard candy. Cheryl is organizing the drive through her husband's work. The members bring the 'goodies' to the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild meeting, Cheryl takes it to work and the work will post the 'goodies' to the soldiers overseas! Thanks Cheryl for doing this for our guild! Last year, Cheryl organized an effort to make Christmas stockings along with the 'goodies'. She also provides a long list of 'goodies' via e-mail that can be sent to our soldiers. DD and I merely shopped off the list. :)

Another goal this week is to make a few of the cancer bags. These are tote bags will a little support pillow inside to be given to the patients at the Breast Cancer Treatment facility. When I get one done, I'll post it. I believe the bags are given to the patients so that they have a place to put any belongings they have when treatment begins. I'll ask on Thursday and let you guys know 'what' I find out. :)

And finally, I'd like to wish all Canadian citizens a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week # 41

Two bad 'things' for stash busting...

  • going to the local quilt shop and shopping the sale room.
  • pushing the buttons at one of my favorite online quilt shops.

My report follows:

  • fabric received in: 22 yards
  • fabric used: 6 yards
  • net fabric for the week: + 16 yards (added)

Net fabric for the year: + 37.5 yards (added)

What I accomplished this week:

  • quilted and bound Linda's 'Cher's Gym Floor' quilt
  • quilted and bound Teddy Patchwork quilt
  • pieced Organic Packer quilt top to a flimsy

Goals for next week:

  • quilt and bind Organic Packer quilt top
  • cut and sew pillows/cancer bags
  • cut and sew QOV pillowcases
  • mail quilts to Paula

This week, I am going to try to quilt my Organic Packer flimsy and bind it! woohoo! a project for the family :)

My day guild makes cancer bags and little pillows for the women's cancer treatment facility at the local hospital. Over the summer, the hospital gave away it's last bag, so now is the time to replenish the supply. Last month the ladies made about 15 bags, which was a great start to replenishing the supply!

My night guild is making QOV pillowcases to fill with 'goodies' to send overseas and, believe it or not, this is for Christmas! Are we really that close to Christmas?! DD and I did some QOV shopping last week at the big box store. I have two pillowcases made and want to make two more to donate. I like to donate in groups of four...I figure that there are four healthy human members of my one donation for each of us. Does that make any sense?!

So this week, the focus will be on charity projects with a few of my own projects sprinkled in for good measure.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Teddy Patchwork

I finished quilting Teddy Patchwork last night and was able to sew the binding this morning. Since this is a donation quilt, I stitched the binding onto the back then pulled the binding to the front and machine stitched it down. The whole binding process takes about an hour or 1 1/2 hours to complete (if the binding is made ahead of time!). All that is left to finish is to hand sew the bias edge of the label and write the message. This quilt will be heading to Texas to my friend, Paula for her ASAP (Aid to School Age Parents) Christmas Quilt Drive. This will make four quilts for Paula's goal of 40 quilts by the end of November 2008.

Here is a close up of a Teddy Patchwork square and, of course, the Popcorn (I'd link you guys to Willow Leaf Studio but their website is down) quilting pantograph. Honest, I'll take Popcorn off the table and sew something else, soon! I promise!

LindaJ has generously added her Cher's 'Gym Floor ' to be donated to Paula. Thanks Linda! YOU ROCK :)

Also sent already is my 'Wonky Labor Day Challenge' hosted by JudyL. Thanks, again Judy for hosting this challenge and sharing your pattern.
The fourth quilt to be included is the Oconomowoc Guild Ugly Quilt Challenge all it's 'ugly-ness'! Some little one will just love the kitties and doggies that are on this quilt, even if I don't love it :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday was a Stash Enhancement Excursion! and I shopped the sale room...woohoo!

First up:

I added a few 1/2 yard cuts of orange to the green I already had brought in Dallas for Sarah's Birthday Quilt. I was thinking lime green but settled for this grass green as I thought it would be more versatile in the long run since I was buying a bolt. Sarah's birthday is in the beginning of January, so a little lead time here.

Second up:

Five 1 yard cuts of various reds. I wanted some variety for making the QOV pillowcases :)

Third up:

A few blues and greens to go-with the yellow-orange challenge fabric.

Any guesses, Pam?!

Fourth up:

A few can I pass up my favorite type of fabric?

I also brought some backing fabric for two different quilts online that arrived today. Already stashed them in the bottom of the backing cupboard in the sewing room so no pictures of that! I promise when the fabric gets used on the back of the quilts to show you then, okay? so much for stashbusting...I'll tally it up and report on Sunday.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

About a week or ten days ago, I volunteered to quilt one of Linda's donation quilts for her. She sent me a wonderful package full of surprises (Thank You!) including this quilt and the backing/binding fabric. The design is Cher's from a FAB cyber sew-in last June, affectionately named 'Cher's Gym Floor'. Cher and Linda worked together to create a pattern that the FAB's were able to sew from that day. You might enjoy peeking at the other quilt tops to see how each one is the same, yet different...Cher, Pam, Norma and mine.

I really like Linda's choice of colors! After all, green in The New Neutral, right?! LOL

Here are a few close-ups of the various animals in the fabric. I just LOVE the pink flamingo in the upper right corner :) I was thinking about using a 'new to me' panto but nothing seemed to fit with this happy quilt. The 'new' pantos are flowers, Santas, mittens, Angels, stars and Noah's animals...and pretty dense quilting. I used Popcorn by Willow Leaf Studio (their website is down or I would have linked you guys there), simply because it is a tad on the whimsical side and provides good coverage without causing the quilt to feel like a board once quilted.

Thanks Linda for letting me practice my quilting on one of your donation quilts :)