Monday, May 30, 2016

December 2015 Happenings...

Work ramped up for the Holidays!

First time in a lot of years that I didn't make any hand crafted items as gifts.

...sad face...

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day

The Call of Duty
A call to duty is sent out
and the strong and the brave reply.
They do it for love of country,
So there's never a need to ask why.

They leave behind all that they love,
Their families, their homes and their lives,
Because to preserve these precious things
Is the goal for which each soldier strives.

So God bless our troops,
The courageous women and men,
Who fight to make sure
The bells of freedom peal again.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

November 2015 Happenings

November saw a few QOV's quilted down and The Good Old Hockey Game pieced and quilted.

This one was from the Oconomowoc Quilter's Guild.

I also quilted down two of my own QOV's since I had the Baptist Fan panto on the table.

Quilt A.

Quilt B.

This quilt is based on Mary's Chevron Rail Fence.

Note to self: each block takes two - 2.5 inch strips of each color.

The baptist fan panto, found here.

I also pieced and quilted The Good Ole Hockey Game but I can't seem to find the quilted picture. This is the picture before quilting.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Missing In Action...

Well...I took a nine month break from blogging. I really hadn't planned on NOT blogging but somehow the days turned into weeks that turned into months. ...sigh...

In September 2015, I started a part time job at this local box store.

Here I am, behind a cart from earlier today -- thanks to my friend who took my picture and sent it to me --

Yes I am a Sample Lady at Costco. I love to talk and this gives me an opportunity to talk to people from different walks of life. Most shifts last six hours -- 4 days a week and one four hour shift -- once a week for a total of 28 hours maximum.

I've been sewing and quilting here and there when the mood strikes and I'm home. Over the next few days -- it is my goal to bring y'all up-to-date on the sewing/quilting front...until then, my friends...