Friday, September 30, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 9.30.2022

I had cut three more Foster Child bags from my stash.

Bag 1:

 Bag 2:

Bag 3:

I just love the frogs! They have been in the stash for a time to use the frogs and spread the love. Here are the next three Foster Child bags. This brings my total to six that I will donate in October for the December party.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

WIP Wednesday 9.28.2022

It's been a pretty slow week around Bell Creek Quilts. I did manage to sew together the three foster bags kits and cut for three more from my own stash. The parts for the three kits. 

The finished bags! I am surprised at how big the actual bag is considering the fabric used, only 27 inches of outer and lining fabric. 

pattern credit: modified Mondo Bag

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Design Wall Monday 9.26.2022

This week I want to sew a few bags for the Guild's Foster Child service. The request was put out for 100 bags by December 1, 2022. Seems like a lot of bags! I suppose if the guild has 50 members and each member made 2 bags then the goal would be met! When I was shopping at a member's sale, I asked if she had any of the foster bag kits already made up. She vaulted into her sewing room and came back with 3 baggies!

I think they are a re-make of the Mondo Bag but without the 2.5 inch squares piecing. The four outer pieces have the fusible fleece ironed on as well as two of the handle sections.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 9.24.2022

Today is the fourth Saturday of September of the color light/bright blue. Today's block is my addition to the 'Missing U' quilt from Cheryl Arkison from her book Sunday Morning Quilts, co-written with Amanda Jean Nyberg. 

pattern credit: Missing U by Cheryl Arkison in Sunday Morning Quilts

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday! 9.23.2022

I have not one but two (!) finishes to share today.

First up: My Eagles and Strings. I made this to use as an example of foundation piecing. I remembered that I don't like foundation piecing but this really wasn't so bad. I think that I alternated the strings with plain blocks and then pressed away from the strings...really helped me. I remember that pressing open the string seam was always a struggle.

pattern credit: foundation pieced strings
panto credit: serpentine

My second finish is Crossing Paths...except mine is in Streak of Lightening set. The leaves and pumpkin fabrics were originally brought to make placemats for our local Meals on Wheels. One of our guild members is an angel and made 150 fall/winter placemats! before I could make my donation. I didn't want the fabric to hang around for a whole year, so I made a quilt for the Red Cross Kids is Crisis pantry. I decided to make Crossing Path simply because I started sewing on National Jelly Roll Sewing Day and wanted to use 2.5 inch strips. Plus this pattern is pretty quick and easy!

pattern credit: MSQC Crossing Paths
panto: serpentine

Let's give a big warm blog Welcome Back to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict after her hiatus! WELCOME BACK SARAH!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

WIP Wednesday 9.21.2022

When I went to add the borders to the 'Crossing Path' quilt, I discovered that I didn't have enough of the leaves or burgundy to sew what I wanted. So, I improvised and used the fabrics together. Here is the resulting quilt flimsy. I like it but at 50 x 70 (approximately) it is on the small side. It will shrink up a little bit with the quilting but will be an okay size for a little one.

pattern credit: MSQC Crossing Paths

My eagles and strings had a turn on the long arm. 

I have finishes in my sight this week!

pattern credit: foundation pieced strings...
                            foundation cut at 10 inches square then trimmed to 9.5 inches
                                            square after piecing
                            center strip cut at 2.0 inches
                            red strips cut at 2.5 inches
                            blue strips cut at 2.5 inches
                            alternate square cut at 9.5 x 9.5 inches

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Monday, September 19, 2022

Design Wall Monday 9.19.2022

I finished the last block and one extra. I had sewn a strip of pumpkins upside down so I righted a few blocks and left in a couple of upside down pumpkins. Oh well...I had a 50-50 chance of sewing the second one the right way but Interestingly enough, I sewed the first strip set correctly but didn't pay attention to the orientation. I also made the decision on borders. Now to the sewing!

 pattern credit: MSQC Crossing Paths in Streak of Lightening set

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

National Jelly Roll Day 9.17.2022

 I decided to celebrate National Jelly Roll Day by sewing with 2.5 inch strips. 

All but one block done! I did sew one strip upside down so a few of my blocks have upside down pumpkins!

Auditioning border fabrics. Once finished this one will go to my guild's Child in Crisis Pantry for October.

pattern credit: MSQC Crossing Paths in Streak of Lightening set

Since I boosted the logo for the Moda National Jelly Roll day, here is the link for the Moda's Free Patterns. I've actually made a few of these patterns and see a few that have potential for future projects...if I can remember!  😍

SoScrappy Saturday 9.17.2022

Today is the third Saturday of September of the color light blue.

Time for my Crumble Jumble blocks. Just three this month with a few medium blues in the blocks.

 pattern credit: Bonnie Hunter Crumble Jumble in String Frenzy book.

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Did you know today is National Sew A Jelly Roll Day?

A great marketing ploy by Moda to have quilters buy and sew jelly rolls. I'll be joining in a little later after chores and errands to sew a few 2.5 inch strips. Instead of a pre-made jelly roll, I cut 2.5 inch strips that I want to use. I originally purchased the fall fabrics to make placemats for guild but before I could make them...another member made the required amount! So I decided to make October's donation quilt with the fabrics.

See y'all a little later...

Friday, September 16, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 9.16.2022

My topsy-turvy week continues but I think I am close to being back on my schedule.

Here is the draw of fabrics for my next project. I am going to foundation piece string blocks then alternate with eagle squares. I had brought fabric that is too thin to piece into my quilts piecing. I'm using the cream with dots as the centers cut at 2.0 inches then the red and blue on either side. I pulled a drawer of each color that are already cut at 2.5 inches.

Here are the blocks on the design wall, that fit! LOL

I sewed and sewed and sewed today. Hot off the sewing machine, the finished flimsy!

pattern inspiration: Mary's String block

                                    *I cut my foundations at 10 inch square and trim to 9.5
                                    *center strip cut at 2 inches
                                    *red/blue strings cut at 2.5 inches

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

WIP Wednesday 9.14.2022

My topsy-turvy week continues with two baby/infant finishes for the Operation Stork at Selfridge Air Force base. I was pleased to hear that 21 baby/infant quilts were collected at the meeting last night. That number combined with the quilts the leaders have at their homes ...brings to total to 31! and 30 are needed for Operation Stork. Well Done Ladies of the Casual Quilters!

My sailboats, I had to improvise on some of the fabric but I like it. This clears out the remaining sailboat blocks from my 'parts department'. I love the seagull fabric and that is what prompted me to make these two baby/infant quilts.


block pattern: sailboats but I've lost the instructions. 😳
panto: serpentine

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Design Wall Monday 9.12.2022

Happy Monday!

I'm starting my week out with finishes! It's going to be a topsy-turvy week!

I was able to quilt and apply the bindings to two more quilts for Operation Stork at Selvridge Air Force Base on October 1. 2022. I used a new to me panto: Apollo. I was looking for something curvy to add to my collection.

pattern inspiration: Scrap Strips and Stars
panto: Apollo

I ran across some seagull fabric and decided to buy it and pair it with the leftover sailboat blocks. Here are the sailboats that will become two more baby/infant quilts for Operation Stork.

pattern inspiration: pattern with original package of blocks but where??? is the 
                                    pattern now?

Saturday, September 10, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 9.10.2022

Today is the second Saturday of September of the color light blue.

Time for my wonky stars. As the months go by, my stars are getting more standard and less wonky...

pattern inspiration: Google Image Search or Pinterest 'Wonky Star Tutorial'

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 9.9.2022

 I'll take the "NOT" Finish...

Last week, DD quit her job abruptly and announced that she and her dog were going to the in-laws cottage for Labor Day and would I meet her there! YES! So I spent 5 days at the cottage with no sewing! Then she asks, 'May I come and visit at the 'Bungalow'?' YES! 2 days later she was on her way back to the 414 to sort out her future! 💜 I spent my time with her and NOT in the sewing room.

When I went back to the sewing room, I made a few more stars for the baby/infant quilt and added the neutral strips.

hummm....something wasn't connecting for me so I added a border. Better...

I pulled out my red background star parts along with blue and neutral strips. I like this one better. I think the plain (not pieced) strips are a more cohesive and less confusing look.

Here they are side by side.

pattern inspiration: Scrap strips and stars

Monday, September 5, 2022

Design Wall Monday 9.5.2022

I had cut parts for the floating meets wonky star blocks that I intended to take with me to the AQS QuiltWeek GR but decided not to take my machine with me. Since the parts were still out and I wanted to make a few baby/infant quilts for the Selfridge Air Force Base Event on October 1st, I thought I would make a smaller version of Lisa Sutherland's Scrap Strips and Stars.

My progress so far, one lonely star but parts for more. LOL

pattern inspiration: floating meets wonky star

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Saturday, September 3, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 9.3.2022

Today is the first Saturday of September of the color light blue. I sewed up a lot of my scraps during the previous month blue was our prompt, so there isn't a lot of light blue lurching around the sewing room. A few mediums did sneak into the light blue crumb blocks that I found in the parts department. LOL

Time for my scrappy improv hearts and their cut-offs. 

Just one lonely heart this month...

pattern credit: scrappy improve hearts

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 9.2.2022

 Whoop! Whoop! I have a few finishes today!

First up: my Alternate Square ISPY. I couldn't find a fabric that I liked with this green so, I made a simple quilt of alternating squares. Simple yet it allows the novelties to shine.

pattern credit: alternating squares
panto: large scribbles

Second one: My take on the Warm Wishes pattern. I do modify the pattern by cutting all strips at 2.5 inches, strip piecing and then I subcut at 6.5 inches to speed things along. 

pattern inspiration: Warm Wishes
panto: serpentine

I was making these ISPY quilts to go into the Red Cross Pantry from my guild for children in crisis. After I pieced the Warm Wishes, I saw a FB post that the guild needed 30 baby/infant quilts for an event on October 1, 2022. So I divided up the next ISPY into two. I already had all the four patches made - with a few leftover - and ta-da! These quilts finish at about 42 inches square. Last night on FB, the post said no bigger than 40 inches square! Back to the drawing board. I'm sure, these quilts will go into the Child in Crisis pantry but yet, doesn't add to the count for the October 1 event. I hardly made a dent into my novelty square bin!!

Third and fourth ISPY with four patches.

pattern: simple 4 patches cut at 3.5 inches, strip pieced and subcut at 3.5 inches 
                then sewn into four patches
panto: serpentine