Monday, December 4, 2023

Design Wall Monday 12.4.2023

 Another day, another set for the Santa Motorcycle pillow panel.

The giftee is not very tall, so this one I opted for no border. It finishes at approximately 54 x 72 before quilting.

pattern: Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World

In a weak moment, I agreed to look into obtaining an in-person speaker for my day guild. My first stop was the Hartland Quilt Shop to see if the owner traveled for programs or had any leads. The owner doesn't travel for programs and the worker had no leads. :(

On the bright side, I did find some fishing theme fabric for a few Christmas quilts. :)

Saturday, December 2, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 12.2.2023

Today is the first Saturday of December of the month of finishes!

I finished one Happy Blocks quilt for donation.

              staggered setting inspired by Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun
                        than Housework
panto: serpentine

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Friday, December 1, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 12.1.2023

I finished the first Motorcycle Santa to a flimsy this afternoon. I'm on the fence about the plaid in the top border...I really don't want to rip and replace...but...

pattern: Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World

Well, there was a squirrel project that got a hold of me in the sewing room today. Our quilt cabinet was moved into the master bedroom to make way for the Christmas tree. I just felt like I needed to make a matching Christmas runner. I dug deep into the Christmas section of the stash and found quite a few of the same prints from my Christmas bed quilt. The only thing is that they were cut into 2.5 inches and the bed quilt is made up of 3.5 inch strips. See the full queen quilt here on my design wall.

Here is the new runner (at a funny angle...I am short).

Here are a few of the strips in the bed quilt.

Here is the current picture on my bed.

Runner pattern was strip pieced as quilt as you go.

                     I referred to the main strip piece section of this quilt as plank quilting. 
                    Where I sew the strips end to end and then cut to the width I want. 
                    After that, I sew into rows. Clear as mud, eh?

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

WIP Wednesday 11.29.2023

I finished the 'free' guild project.

pattern: tube method string blocks
panto: serpentine

I pulled out a few of my Santa motorcycle pillow panels.

I also pulled green, red and white. I decided the white was a little harsh so I went with a tan. 

I was anxious to start the blocks. I'll be using an old stand by pattern. I refer to it as Mock Trip Around the World by Quilting Assistant. I've also heard it referred to as modified 9 patch.

pattern: Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World

If interested, I made this pattern here and here and here (corgi butt quilt) and here
and here and here. There are still more that I have made! OK! I cry 'Uncle!' but I really like the versatility of this block.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Design Wall Monday 11.27.2023

Welcome Back! after my little blogging/sewing/quilting break.

I'm happy to report that I only had sore arms where I got my Covid and Shingles injections. No fever, no loss of appetite and no sleepiness. I was so planning on being sick!

I did however, gather my Christmas decorations and deck the halls. According to my Fitbit, I walked ten flights of stairs between the basement and the main floor of the bungalow. I only have the staircase garland to string. My husband needs to move the quilt cabinet and put the 7 foot (or did we buy an 8 foot?) tree together. LOL He's was out of town Thanksgiving weekend and he is currently out of town for round 2.

This is where I left my red/white project on Thanksgiving. I really should have post Friday but...

In honor of the Christmas season, I added green sashing and I had to be a little creative in the sewing. I thought I had enough and I just did. Barely! I pinned to try and line up the sashing but I did miss a little bit.

Do you think I added Christmas as the outer border? 

Surprise! I found this pretty rose print on the free table and thought it would work with the colors in this quilt. Again, I had a limited amount of the rose print so...3.5 inch cut borders it is! 

It is approximately 45 x 56 before quilting.

pattern: strips cut at 2.5 inches and quarter blocks made using tube method.
                4 sub blocks sewn together to make a 10.5 inch unfinished block.

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy US Thanksgiving!


(who celebrate!)

Next year...I'm going to enjoy a Peanuts meal! LOL

Enjoy your day with family, friends and whomever you celebrate with! 😀

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

WIP Wednesday 11.22.2023

Just a little bit of progress on the next project. I picked up a bag of goodies on the free guild table and have been watching for 'go with's'.

pattern: I'm using the tube method to make the block parts then sewing them

Monday, November 20, 2023

Design Wall Monday 11.20.2023

 I wasn't sure exactly 'what' I wanted to work on this week. After all, here in the US, Thursday is Thanksgiving and a few of my in-laws will be at my home. Then on Friday, I scheduled my COVID booster and first Shingles vaccines. I'm planning on being sick Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday. DH is scheduled to go to the cottages to help with the renovations on the rental unit. I figured if I'm not feeling up to making lunch and/or's best to be alone!

I decided to pull out a partial project that I picked up on the free table at guild. There were a few blocks completed. A few strip sets sewn together, strips cut and a bit of fabric. I've been watching the free tables for possible 'go with's'.

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 11.18.2023

Today is the third Saturday of November of Assembly!

Time for my North Winds blocks...I had quite a few blocks to fill in the design. I needed at least 52 blocks in order to be eligible for the Challenge drawing. The idea is to make one block a week = 52 blocks. This meant I needed to add more blocks and the easiest way was to add a single row and make it in a straight set. 

This is sure A.LOT.OF.HST's!!!

I'm unsure if I want to add a white border. I tend to make my bindings a little larger and would definitely be hiding most of the hst's points...I suppose I have a full 3 weeks to make that decision. LOL

pattern: North Winds, Stash Buster Challenge Block 2023...9 inch finished

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Friday, November 17, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 11.17.2023

I finished piecing the Santa Kitty to a flimsy this week. I did add a polka dot border to make it a tad bigger

pattern: Villa Rosa Grand Prize

I decided to make a few more bibs for the MelonHeads. The end of the month meeting is the only time the bibs will be collected. I decided not at add batting, I just went for the fabric and terry cloth backing. Baby had a hard enough time sewing through the terry cloth. Mary said she will bring her snaps and snap all the bibs that are turned in at the meeting. Thanks Mary!

pattern: found at Robert Kaufman here.

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