Wednesday, August 5, 2020

WIP Wednesday 8.5.2020


These blocks went together really fast.

The straight set:

pattern inspiration: Mary's Happy Blocks for Maine
                                    I adjusted my frames to fit a 6.5 inch novelty block

The angled set:

This picture still has some holes to fill in.

pattern inspiration: Sharyn Craig's Twist and Turn

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Eh, GADS! 8.4.2020

My sewing chair was a Mother's Day gift in 2015.
Our dog, Daisy passed away in 2016.

How are these related? Good question...

I've been wanting a new sewing chair since mine has seen better days. Seat is ripped and it's not rolling very good anymore. I sorta tweeked the old sewing room floor and I don't want to destroy this floor.

So I flipped it over and EH, GADS! and it has five rollers!

I spent part of Sunday night and Monday morning cleaning out the casters! I know that I haven't cleaned them because when I started cutting out Daisy hair...I was almost done! It really amazes me how even after 4 years I'm still finding bits of her in the oddest places.

Here is the fruits of my labor.

The wheels are rolling much smoother now but I still have one that I just couldn't budge all the threads and dog hair...

Eh, GADS...right?!

Monday, August 3, 2020

Design Wall Monday 8.3.2020

My next project I wanted to tackle is my 6.5 inch square novelty box. 

I know that I shared some fabric with the Wisconsin guild and no doubt, a few followed me to my new home. I was pleasantly surprised when I found a few that had been framed with 2.5 inch strips.

pattern inspiration: Happy Blocks for Maine
                                I adjusted my cuts to accommodate the 6.5 inch centers

I also found a few that had frames sewn on an angle.

                                (one source that I googled)

Looks  like I found my next couple of projects. :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2020


My cone of thread I was using yesterday was too big for my handy-dandy trusty Admirals mug that I use to 'keep' my piecing thread. 

So I placed it on my ticket stabber and behind my didn't want to come off the cone smoothly.

Next, I placed it on my plastic cabinet which is lower than my sewing table...still not smooth.

Next lower place? You guesses it! THE FLOOR. This is JUST SILLY but it worked. I had heard the farther the thread path the smoother the thread rolls off the cone...TRUE!

It just struck me as silly!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 7.31.2020

Well, friends....I seem to be in a rut. A very good rut, never-the-less.

I did bind catdog tumbler #B, so I am humming along at a pretty good clip. Three more weeks and we'll be in Wisconsin to close on that house and I will be able to see my quilty friends there and deliver the guild fabric home...but in quilts! LOL

Here is Catdog Tumbler #B.

And some of my favorite prints are in this one! This is the end of these blocks. I only have a few brown paw print and the teal leftover tumblers. I'll slide those into my crumb containers and who knows when they will re-appear...

My binding buddy. She was a little pricey but she works so well to hold the bindings.

panto info: Happy Times 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WIP Wednesday 7.29.2020

I quilted down the second catdog quilt!


I pulled out the Happy Times panto for something a little different than large scribbles. I had read (somewhere on the web) it takes three quilts for your muscle memory to function while long arm quilting. I can agreee! Those first few rows were challenging and it's really not a challenging panto but by the end of the quilt, I was feeling a bit more at ease. It is really hard to see...

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Design Wall Monday 7.27.2020

I did it!

In order to empty this box...

I pulled out my tumbler template and just a wee bit more fabric from the closet along with the remaining tumblers...

Now I have another catdog flimsy!

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! 7.24.2020

I had a little binding party!

Here's the binding, seems like a lot but not really. The process went really fast now that I sew both sides of the binding on my Brother! I tend do make quite a few children's comfort quilts and I have been told that the machine binding holds up better in the wash...

I decided to bind both Dalmatian quilts with this binding. It just seemed easier at the time. LOL

pattern info:

    left: a hybrid between Mary's Quick Strippie and Villa Rose Honor.
    right: 12 and 6 inch finished stars surround. 
    panto: large scribbles

I also sewed the binding onto the catdog tumbler quilt.

pattern: tumblers
panto: large scribbles

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

WIP Wednesday 7.22.2020

well, Hello!

The longarm has been place in front of a wall of mirrors! The previous owner had an exercise studio where my sewing space is now located, along with this wall of mirrors. Yoga, maybe? I'm not sure.

I'll need to work on better angles to take pictures from the longarm. Better, yes?

I quilted it with my trusty large scribbles pantograph.

The Dalmatian puppy print is from the Wisconsin guild stash.

Pattern info: Tumblers 13 x 13 set.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Design Wall Monday 7.20.2020

I started working my way through fabric that I 'know' belongs to the Wisconsin guild.

Two years ago, I made a cat/dog tumbler quilt for my SIL whose breast cancer returned as bone cancer. A few of the prints were from the guild and I had collected the rest. Obviously, I over cut. LOL

Here is the current cat/dog tumbler blocks.

I think I moved them about a gizzilion times.
Here is it sewn together.
I couldn't remember if it was 12 rows of 13 or 13 rows of 12...

pattern: tumblers
             should be: 13 rows of 12.

I still have cat/dog tumblers for 2/3 of this size quilt. Maybe I'll cut more and do one more. 


I feel I should apologize for my crazy back I pieced with fabric on hand. I've been digging in the backing bits bin...