Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WIP Wednesday 8.17.2022

 I finished my Alycia's Steppers to a flimsy!

Here are the blocks ready to sew together.

and ta-da! The flimsy!

pattern credit: Alycia's Steppers

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Design Wall Monday on a Tuesday! 8.16.2022

Last week, I caved and started a patriotic Steppers quilt! I was so excited to work on it that I forgot to take a picture of the intial fabric pull. Doh! I have a bin of 3.5 inch cut strips so I dug into that and pulled out the blue and red ones. i decided to sew all the reds together and all the blues together and use white as the accent.

In a jiffy I had all the blocks made...this step went really fast!

pattern credit: Alycia's Steppers

On Sunday, this happened...again. DD is on the move. This time out of her downtown Milwaukee apartment to one in the suburbs. She is leaving a studio apartment and moved into a 2 bedroom upper in a house. This is the return of the trailer Monday afternoon.

DD took me to her downtown coffee shop, where dogs are welcomed and even get a 'pup cup of whipping cream'.

We drove through downtown Chicago on our way back to Michigan. There was a wreck on the by-pass that would have added an hour to our drive. Thank goodness for maps and our I phone information technology.

Today I headed over to downtown Grand Rapids for the AQS Quilt Show QOV Booth. In the last 36 hours, I have been in downtown Milwaukee, driven through downtown Chicago and staying in downtown Grand Rapids. Here's the view of the river from my room. I guess, when it pours as I have hardly BEEN anywhere this year! Guess I making up for it this week!

and not to disappoint, here is my booth. I was told to bring a couple of rwb quilts but have found out others are bringing some, too. I made a few of the 2022 QOV Floating Churn dashes for decorations but think they will come down. They are up a little haphazardly. This will be my daytime home for the next few days.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 8.13.2022

Today is the second Saturday of August of the color orange! Time for the wonky stars! I am humbled by the lack of orange in the stash. So far I have resisted buying more yardage to make more stars. One will shine in the quilt...I hope.

pattern credit: Google search or Pinterest will yield many tutorials

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 8.12.2022

Today's blog post is full of inspiration from Alycia at Alycia Quilts!

Thanks for all you do, Alycia! 💜

All I have left is to sew the binding back on these cuties! I plan on attempting to do that during the AQS Grand Rapids show when the QOV booth is slow.

Cutie 1:

pattern credit: rail fence block from Alycia's Patriot Clue 2
pantograph: serpentine

Cutie 2:

pantograph: serpentine

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WIP Wednesday 8.10.2022

I made the alternate block for the Bonded Pair, a simple rail fence block. But...something seems 'not right' to me.

So I added a Flying Friend and moved the bottom row to the top.

It seems a little better to me, so I added a couple of borders.

I hope that after quilting, I will like it better! Sometimes, that's the case.

pattern credit: Rail fence blocks...from Alycia's Patriot Clue 2

Flags for Sue had it's turn on the long arm. I tend to run in cycles on the long arm. I'll quilt down a whole bunch of my quilts and then shift to the Casual Quilters' QOV's.

pattern credit: Alycia's Flags for Sue

If you're looking for quilting inspiration, hop on over to Alycia's blog! She is one creative girl!

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Design Wall Monday 8.8.2022

I pulled fabric to work in another quilt with one of the eagle pillow panels. This panel I think I'll refer to as 'the Bonded Pair'. It's going to be a simple and maybe, somewhat boring quilt. Or maybe simple and quiet might describe it better!

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Saturday, August 6, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 8.6.2022

Today is the first Saturday of August of the color orange! Just in time, I made my crumby hearts along with their cut off triangles!

pattern credit: Scrappy Improve hearts

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Friday, August 5, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 8.5 2022

I'm inching closer to a finish on the Mt. Rushmore Eagle quilt. I managed to finish the quilting and apply the binding to the front. This is as far as it goes for now. I volunteered to watch the Michigan Quilt of Valor booth at the AQS Grand Rapids 2022 show. The show starts on Wednesday August 17th and runs through Saturday August 20th. I thought I would take a few quilts and see if I can get the hand sewing of the binding back while the booth is slow.

pattern credit: *modified nine patches or
                            Mock Trip Around the World by Quilting Assistant
                       *Bev's Stars (Bev's take on this strippy star ruler)

setting based on this quilt (I think this was a Google search of 'Marine Corps Quilts):

I also moved my Flags for Sue quilt along to a flimsy. Once again, I opted not to use all the flag blocks that had the floral in the star zone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

WIP Wednesday 8.3.2022

I have the Mt. Rushmore Eagle on the longarm. I really wanted to change up the panto but in the end...serpentine won! Serpentine gives such a nice even coverage and doesn't use a lot of thread!

pattern credit:    *Modified nine patch or
                                Mock Trip Around the World by Quilting Assistant
                            *Bev's Stars (based on this strippy star ruler)

I'm also making progress on my Flags for Sue. Here are the parts ready to sew together. Guess what?! I still feel that the floral in the 'star zone' is too feminine a look. So, I'm going to use one in the lower right corner and use other various navy fabrics in the 'start zone'.

Here are a few on the design wall. 

pattern credit: Flags for Sue

layout credit: found on Alycia's blog here

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Design Wall Monday 8.1.2022

 I finished the top/bottom borders on the Mt. Rushmore eagle panel. It seems as if the eagles have over taken this quilt but I like it!

pattern credit: *Modified Nine Patch or
                            Quilting Assistant Mock Trip Around the World 
                        *Bev's Stars (Bev's take on this strippy star ruler)

setting credit (it must have been from my Google search of 'Marine Corps Quilt')

I pulled fabric for my next project. Well, I thought I would make a few more Flags for Sue blocks and it would be a quick project. I had  three that I used a floral for the 'star area' that I decided not to use in another project so I was a quarter of the way done since I had three made and wanted 12 blocks total. At least that is how my mind saw it! LOL I had found more of the floral blue at the store so I thought, 'Let's do this!' 

Flags for Sue is a block that Alycia did a block drive as a memorial for Sue after her passing in 2018.