Wednesday, January 20, 2021

WIP Wednesday 1.20.2021

 For some strange reason, I was compelled to make a Heart quilt for my bed...

I searched for a fast and easy pattern and I found one!

It's Big Love by Modern Handcraft! I dug out the pinks I had plus I brought a few more along with some gray and here's what I have so far. I upsized the blocks to finish at 10 inches giving me an easy 9x9 set for a queen quilt. I decided to stick with a 6x6 set and add borders. Well, the largest quilt (90 x 90 inches) that fits 'comfortably' on my long arm frame.

I started sewing the top together and yesterday afternoon, I had progressed pretty far.

uh oh...looks like some of my geese decided to migrate to a different location! It's looking a little funky gut hey! It's my take on the design! I probably would have ripped and re-sewn it but this quilt is for my bed and after this week, no one else will ever see it! LOL Sometimes when using the stash, quilts look well, like it doesn't really match... 

A bright spot is that now I have more pinks for the RSC challenge! 💕

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Design Wall Monday (sorta) 1.18.2021

 Every quilt has a story.

Some stories are short.

Some stories are long.

This quilt's story started out simple enough.

In an effort to use some 2.5 inch strips,

a wonky back that was 60 x 80 inches,

and leftover batting bits from the Casual Quilters' QOV's,

I knew I wanted a 'darker' quilt. One that didn't have many light strips (so the frankenbatting stitching wouldn't show through) and a smaller quilt that would fit the backing without adding to it.

I have made the Valor quilt from Cozy Quilt Designs before, both as a group and by myself. I blogged about the Valor quilts here, here and here (yes, the last one has a block turned that I noticed about 5 years after I made it....) The Valor used to be a free pattern on the Quilts of Valor website but has been taken down. Luckily, I have the book it's in!

I actually pieced it and quilted it over a course of three days! A pretty quick project for me.

Here she is!

I opted to use eagle fabric in the star centers that my quilting buddy and I purchased together a few years ago but that's a whole different story! I love how it turned out and it checked off quite a few of the required boxes for this project!

pattern credit: Valor by Cozy Quilt Designs in The Giving Quilt book
panto credit: fern gully

Saturday, January 16, 2021

SoScrappy Saturday 1.16.2021

 Every year, I watch the Rainbow Scrap Challenge unfold. 

Every year, I wished I had joined in.

One year, I tried but failed. So I thought I would try again this year. I have NO idea how the quilters decide on a block and then make a few every month following ScrapHappy's prompts. But I'm going to try this year! go 2021!

January's color is pink...figures, I have very little pink in my stash. I dd buy a few yards of pink as I hope to make a heart quilt for my bed. I do, however have quite a few 2.5 inch strips cut....I searched for a simple block that uses 2.5 inch strips and a background. One of my favorite free quilt pattern sites is by Mary Johnson and here is her Rectangles Pattern. One 2.5 inch strip plus one 2.5 inch background yields two 8.5 inch block (unfinished). A few test blocks:

I did notice if one twists the components of the block, it yields pinwheels! Again one 2.5 inch strip plus one 2.5 inch background yields two 8.5 inch (unfinished) blocks.

I 💖 Pinwheels!

pattern: pinwheels : public domain

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Whoop! Whoop! 1.15.2021

 Cake Walk is a finish!

Here she is on the design wall (too big for my rack!).

Here she is on DD's bed. It's nice to put a queen size quilt on a full bed! It has plenty of hang over! LOL

pattern: Walk About by Grizzly Gulch
panto: large scribbles

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's Binding Day! 1.14.2021

 It's Binding Day for Cake walk!

All prepared...

Machine sewn to the front.

Now that I'm done with my lunch break, time to turn the binding to the back and machine sew it down. Bury and clip a few threads from the quilting and put a fork in it, so to speak! LOL

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

WIP Wednesday 1.13.2021

 After sewing a back together, I got to quilting DD's quilt. I've renamed it: Cake Walk. The main block fabric is all about baking. 

panto: large scribbles

A closer look at the baker's fabric.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Party's Over 1.10.2021


My daughter returned to college yesterday. 

It's her last semester and she is set to graduate in May...God willing and the creek don't rise...

She was here at Bell Creek Quilts for three glorious weeks! She was my main focus so there was very little sewing and quilting done. Now to get serious...

I was thinking about 2021 Sewing Resolutions but then remembered that I like to set a Quilter's Code for myself. I was a little surprised I last visited my Quilter's Code in 2012! That's, like 9 years ago! Time does fly!

Quilter's Code 2021 Edition

1. Promise Quilts and Things
        A Keeper...I still take joy in giving of my quilted items. 
            *My son is waiting on a t-shirt wall hanging.
            *My daughter requested an apron over Christmas break.
            *My son's gf would like a few smaller rock bags to go with her bigger bags.

2. Gift Quilts
        A Keeper...this is the reason I started sewing and quilting. Although the gifts are 
            farther and fewer between.

3. House Quilts
        A house, new room colors, new quilts...need I say more?! LOL

4. Comfort Quilts
        A Keeper
            *Causal Quilters Of Brighton have a strong QOV arm so I'll probably quilt 
                    more than I piece
            *I rejoined FB QOV Working Stars. The plan is to piece according to the 
                     Working Stars incentives and donate to the Casual Quilters QOV drive.
            *Children's quilts...I have stash for kid's quilts so I'll piece/quilt as 
                      time permits. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

Design Wall Monday 1.4.2021

 I continued piecing on DD's bed quilt. Two more rows and two pieced blocks and I'll be ready to start assembling the top!

pattern credit: Grizzly Gulch Walk About