Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday (on Wednesday, *wink*!)

In honor of Veteran's Day last week, I decided to finish sewing on a QOV UFO.

I first posted about this quilt here, but then realized that I need to make more blue crumb blocks to bring it to size.  I went with option B and added an inner and outer border.

Wow ~ I just noticed this was my July QOV project!

Where did this year go?!

I made a few tall maverick stars to break up all the chaos from the crumb blocks.  Directions from Sophie can be found here.

I am way more busy with DD's hockey team, The Waukesha County Wolves than I originally thought so my time is limited in the sewing room.

I think this might be where my year of 2013 might have gone.  LOL!!!

Posts might be far and few between as we get into more games this season!

This is DD in her Away uniform.  :)

and check out this cute card DD made for her friend's birthday party last week!  Her friend is a huge fan of *Minions*!  DD still had the creative style!!

Monday, November 11, 2013


...Tink, I barely knew you!

This has to be a record for me!  I purchased the fabric on Tuesday, pieced on Wednesday, quilted on Thursday, binding/ label on Friday and gifted Sunday!

and SHE LOVED IT!  Reactions like the Birthday Girl's are one of the reasons I quilt.  As soon as she opened the quilt she ran over to her Mom to show everyone at her table.  She was so excited!!

pattern source:  here   I adjusted the measurements to arrive at a slightly larger quilt.  The checker border finishes at 6 inches and I think I cut the inside panel at 40 x 58.  I knew I wanted the quilt to be close to 55 x 74 finished.  The Birthday Girl has a tall boyfriend!  :)

The Halcyon quilting.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello Tinker Bell!

For a quick quilt ~ a piece of Tinker Bell fabric surrounded by an asymmetrical checkerboard border.

Here's Tink!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday

 I had the cruddy cough for a week followed by bronchitis for a week followed by a general feeling of *being off*.  Yuck ~ what a way to start the Fall season!

I'm happy to report that I made it back to the sewing room and this is what I found...

...the beginnings of my next t*shirt quilt.

So I rough cut the t*shirts after adding the fusible.

Then I cut them all the same.  I did try to sew the #peskyads t*shirt to make it fit better.  Not real sure that I like it will work.  :)

Next I framed them out with the silver.  Not a great choice with the grey t*shirts will work.  :) I also started to assemble the lettering.

When I arrived at this point, I took it off the design wall to make room for another quilt.  We are invited to a surprise birthday party for a hockey friend on Sunday.  She also likes Tinker Bell in addition to hockey, so there is a Tinker Bell quilt in my very near future!!