Monday, October 30, 2023

Design Wall Monday 10.30.2023

I took a little time and sewed for me! It is a nice balm for my soul!

What did I make? I pulled this set of fabric and...

 ...made two more placemats!

I have four but my new table in the kitchen is bigger that at the old house. Here is one of my older Halloween placemats. I was even able to purchase more of the matching green!

I like the look of the <sorta> straight lines on the placemats, so instead of eye-balling it poorly, I went in search of a roll of blue painter's tape. Success! 

I do quilt my placemats on my piecing machine ~ Baby Brother. I used the neon green thread I had as green is one of the colors that has been unavailable since COVID.

Here they are on the design wall.

Here they are 'in the wild' on my kitchen table with their older counterparts.

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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 10.28.2023

Well, today is Saturday and I missed my post yesterday. 

I managed to finish the quilting on the Roman Holiday Marvel Hero's quilt. There is quite a lot of work left to be done. I have many threads to hide and a bit of unpicking to do. The unpicking might take awhile and perhaps a new (sharp!) seam ripper. LOL

I really like the look of this pattern and color combination. If only the long arm didn't have troubles. If only...

pattern inspiration: Fabric Cafe's Roman Holiday 
panto: serpentine

I sewed the next 3 yard Marvel Super Hero quilt together. The blocks first and then the whole quilt top. I really like the patterns that have the focus as a big 9 inch block so you able to really 'see' the fabric!

pattern: Fabric Cafe's City Lights

I also pulled fabric for another! This time it's Thanksgiving Gnome fabric and the Fabric Cafe's Garden Path. I think the gnomes are so cute!

If it's not too late,

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

WIP Wednesday 10.25.2023

I've been working on my Roman Holiday Marvel addition. Here are all the blocks.

Here it is with the borders added.

pattern inspiration: Roman Holiday by Fabric Cafe.

I went to quilt this little cutie and I was experiencing thread breaks and long-ish stitches. Oh - NO!

I went to put in a larger eye needle and then the fly wheel wouldn't turn. Oh - BOY! Upon further inspection, DH and I decided that the timing is off. I'm not sure if I will attempt to retime myself or wait for DH.

In the mean time, I pulled out the 3.0 inch cut strips for the next round of QOV Signature Blocks.

I had these sewn and cut in a jiffy. Nothing like sewing to keep your mind off your worries! This pile is 100 more Signature Squares. That should translate into 2 or 3 quilts depending on the pattern used.

I had also pulled another collection of Marvel fabric for another Fabric Cafe 3 yard quilt. This one will be City Lights from the Fast and Fun 3 Yard Quilts book.

Thanks for sticking with me to the end and listening to my 'woes'. :)

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Monday, October 23, 2023

Design Wall Monday 10.23.2023

I'm starting my week out with a finish! This used a few orphans from the parts department...the only 'new' blocks are the Ohio Stars. Now I just need to label the three MelonHeads' Veterans quilts and they will be ready to go onto their forever homes.

pattern: top row:     Flags for Sue. The directions are no longer available online but
                                    I have a picture for you! The pattern was originally a block
                                    drive from Alycia.

                left column:        2019 QOV Block Drive block (I cut my star points at 4.0 
                middle column:  Paper Pinwheels from Quilter's Cache  
                right column:      Ohio Stars from Quilter's Cache
panto: serpentine

I also pulled out a 3 yard quilt to work on. This is inspired by Fabric Cafe's Roman Holiday found in her Quick As A Wink pattern book.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 10.20.2023

I have finishes...Yay!

The Woven Star quilt is my first finish this week.

pattern: Debby Brown's Woven Star
panto: serpentine

My second finish this week is the Scrap Strips and Stars.

                stars: 2019 QOV Block Drive (my star points cut at 4.0 inches)
panto: serpentine

I also finished piecing my next Red,White and Blue Quilt. It's a sampler of various leftover orphans mixed with a few new blocks.

pattern:    top row: Flags for Sue - I discovered that my link was a dead end but
                                        I did find it on my hard I took a picture of
                                        the directions. (I'm pretty high tech -- scary!)

                left stars: 2019 QOV Block Drive (my star points cut at 4.0 inches)
                middle row: Quilter's Cache paper pinwheels
                right stars: Quilter's Cache Ohio Stars

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

WIP Wednesday 10.18.2023

 A few busy days, indeed!

I've sewed the binding onto the Woven Star quilt. I'm using a striped fabric for the binding.

pattern: Debby Brown Woven Star

I had a few 2.5 inch strips leftover from another project. So I thought I would cut 2.5 inch strip for Donna Jordon's Step Ladder pattern then sew the 'ends' into another jelly roll.

pattern: Donna Jordon Step Ladder

I combined a few of the orphan stars with the jelly roll and Ta-Da! I did make a few adjustments so the quilt fits the dimensions for the MelonHead's Veterans.

I looked into my QOV parts bin and look what I found!

patterns:     Flags for Sue - I first saw the pattern here but now it is a dead link in 
                                            the post.
                   2019 QOV Block Drive
                   Paper Pinwheels
                   Lemoyne Stars - Lemon Stars MQSC

Monday, October 16, 2023

Design Wall Monday 10.16.2023

Just when I thought I would be able to work on 'something' for me...I was reminded that my new guild is collecting quilts at the end of the month for their veterans program. This program varies from QOV as the quilts desired are smaller (52 x 72). I was also told that the WIC (Woman In Crisis) is out of children's quilts.

I decided that I would go into my red, white and blue bin and see what I could find. I was thinking about a top I made that wasn't quite big enough for QOV that might work for this program. I was lucky to find it and I had even added 'a little bit' to the top and bottom to make it work!

pattern: Debby Brown's Woven Star

I then found a few stars that were all cut out and ready to sew together. So, sew them, I did! The stars will be a good launching pad for this quick project.

                One change I made is that I cut my 'legs' at 4 inches square.

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Saturday, October 14, 2023

SoScrappy Saturday 10.14.2023

Another Saturday and another month that I am behind! In my defense, I picked up some lingering bug last Saturday that had me with zero energy for about 4 days. Good thing I was ahead on those Signature quilts! <wink, wink>

This month is light neutrals. Since I already made a few tan blocks, I went with white. White is a light neutral, right?

Here are my Happy Blocks. Looks like I am getting to the 'dregs' of the bike fabric as a few blocks only have 'bike parts'. LOL

pattern: Mary's Happy Blocks

I went ahead and made this months house and hut, also.

I was really tempted to put a little halloween dog in the house and I did! LOL

My Little white hut. This was a left over from a previous project so it feels good to move it along so it doesn't get too settled into the orphan bin. :)

pattern: my oops on cutting the roof that I liked!

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Friday, October 13, 2023

Finish or NOT Friday 10.13.2023

So happy to have this project done and turned in! I still have more signature squares but I need a few more for a little different setting. I'll be volunteering in November at the Original Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan (more info here), so I'll receive more blocks then to continue on this journey...

Signature Quilt Alpha:

pattern: alternate signature squares and patriotic print (both cut to 8 inches)
                2.5 inch cut inner, 5.5 cut outer borders

panto: dazzle

Signature Quilt Bravo:

pattern: alternate signature squares and patriotic print (both cut to 8 inches)
                2.5 inch cut inner, 5.5 cut outer borders

panto: large scribbles

Signature Quilt Charlie:

pattern: Rhesa original

panto: serpentine

Signature Quilt Delta:

pattern: Rhesa orginal

panto: inkblot

This is the picture I used as a reference for my Rhesa's quilts. She had it on display at the AQS QuiltWeek Grand Rapids.

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