Saturday, April 30, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 4.30.2022

Today is the fifth Saturday of April of the color PINK!

Since I have sewn all my pink blocks for the month, I went rogue. I pulled all the red from long forgotten projects that had been squirreled away and made....wait for it....crumb blocks. LOL!

I also had a bobbin full of cranberry thread I wanted to use up. So, after pulling reds from the stash and a bobbin full of cranberry thread, I ended up with 29 crumb blocks. Off to Baby to make one more for an even 30! My OCD strikes again...

 Here are the reds that were leftovers. Slowly but surely, I am working my way through the stash. I'm going to move a few of the scraps to the multi-colored pile as I want to experiment with random colored crumb blocks soon-ish.

pattern inspiration: crumb blocks, public domain

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 4.29.2022

Broken Coins is finished!

pattern inspiration: Simple Strip Block Quilt
panto: serpentine

My jury is still out as to whether I like this one or not. The good news is that is used more of the fabric I have been collecting for the last 20 years! I think, sometimes it is good to show what NOT to do by example.  LOL

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

WIP Wednesday 4.27.2022

I finished the sashing and borders on 'the Simple Strip Block' quilt but I think I'm going to re-name it 'Broken Coins'. I hereby christen you, Broken Coins!

pattern inspiration: Simple Strip Quilt

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Monday, April 25, 2022

Design Wall Monday 4.25.2022

I am getting back to my Shout Color Catcher quilts. These are quilts made with fabric that has been foundation pieced to a used Shout Color Catcher. I tend to use multi colored fabrics when piecing the foundations with a few 'calmer' fabrics mixed in.

This time I decided to do a variation on a traditional Chinese Coin quilt and piece in a few backing bits in the Chinese Coin columns. I found this quilt on Pinterest labeled as 'Simple Strip Block Quilt' as my inspiration along with my fabric pull.

 The 'coins' sewed up pretty fast but I'm a little worried...sometimes I think when I piece, it's more 'what NOT to do'

pattern inspiration: Simple Strip Block Quilt

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

QOV Sunday 4.24.2022

Time for another QOV Sunday Quilt Parade. 

Hope you enjoy the quilts curtesy of the Casual Quilters of Brighton.
Just a FYI: I receive these quilts as a bundle of the pieced top, backing and sometimes binding. I have no information on the maker or pattern used. 😍

Quilt A

 Quilt B

Quilt C

Quilt D

Quilt E

Quilt F

Saturday, April 23, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 4.23.2022

Today is the fourth Saturday of the month of April of the color PINK!

Time for my 'Missing U' blocks! Looks like I need to stick to darker shades in future blocks.

 pattern credit: Cheryl Arkison in Sunday Morning Quilts 'Missing U' pattern.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 4.22.2022


and I have a Finish!'s my Half Square Triangle Guild Challenge! I'm finished well ahead of the June 2022 meeting deadline. I do have a few other deadlines also in the beginning of June 2022, so I thought I'd start working on those! 

What, you ask, are those?

In no particular order:

    *H2H Donation quilts...I did make a few flimsies as part of RSC2021that need
         quilting, binding and mailing.

    *I opened up the Hearts for Hope quilt I started to see if I would receive any
         blocks. So far, I have received 11 blocks form one other member. Looks like
          I'll be making more blocks in May 2022 then quilting and binding before the
          June 2022 meeting.

    *continue quilting the guild QOV's. I did ask for 20 bundles and I am working on
          them as I can.

    *continue my 'Art from Spare Parts' quilt making. I volunteered to do a trunk show
         later in the year but I have given away most of my crumb quilts so I am 
         remaking a few quilts plus a few new ideas.

Now onto the Finish!

                        various Pinterest pins
panto: serpentine
                *note to self: take a bigger 'bite' when sewing binding to back...

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

WIP Wednesday 4.20.2022

I finished piecing the Half Square Challenge quilt. I was going to add a row of hst's to the top and bottom to gain length but wouldn't you know...the measurement before the final border was 53.5 inches...a prime number! So I just decided the quick finish would be to add a little of the cornerstones fabric.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Design Wall Monday 4.18.2022

Yesterday, DD and Angie headed back to the 414 (area code for Milwaukee) with a nice clean detailed car!

Here are DH, DD, Angie and the city girls' cleaned up ride!

and here the girls are ready to roll!

I headed back to the sewing room and picked up where I left off last week. I chose a darker red with black undertones for the sashing and a white with black and red vine-y motif for the cornerstones. First sash one side of the blocks.

Then I added the other sash with the cornerstone already sewn together. I went ahead and put the rows together when I finished sashing the blocks. I first remember seeing this way to sew sashing at Mary's blog, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash. 

I then changed the order of the bottom row...

I then moved a couple of rows around...

                        various Pinterest pins

                        sashing: Mary's Making Scrap Quilts From Stash

Right about now I felt like I was at the eye doctor...

A or B?  B or C?  A or C?  heck, I don't know...I just wanna see better!

It was time for a lunch break and a blog update but what did I see?  

A spring snow has arrived here at Bell Creek Quilts! No worries...tomorrow at this time we will be approaching 40 degrees and melting...

Sunday, April 17, 2022

QOV Sunday 4.17.2022

 HAPPY EASTER to all who celebrate!

As promised, here are a few more of the QOV's that I have quilted for the Casual Quilters Guild. I receive these quilts as a bundle with the pieced top, backing and sometimes the binding. No information is provided as to the quilt pattern or maker.

Quilt A:

Quilt B:

Quilt C:

Quilt D:

Quilt E:

Quilt F:

I hope you enjoyed this QOV Quilt Parade!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

SoScrappy Saturday 4.16.2022

Today is the third Saturday of April of the color PINK!

Time for my Crumble Jumble blocks.

 pattern credit: Crumble Jumble from Bonnie Hunter's String Frenzy book

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Here's the picture of Angie DH took yesterday morning. DD is trying to teach her the command 'POSE'...millennials, go figure!

I had to break out my embroidery floss and perform a nose repair on the Sharkie toy.

Angie patiently waiting on the only warm spot on the floor.

Unfortunately, my repair job didn't hold up to Angie's chewing. I think I might just need to get her a new Sharkie before she leaves!

Friday, April 15, 2022

Finish or NOT Friday 4.15.2022

I finished this earlier in the week but saved it to post today. 

Remember - I'm on Angelo the dog duty so not sew much sewing happening...

panto credit: fern gully
pattern credit: sawtooth stars using crumb blocks as centers

pattern inspiration: found on FB QOV page

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Our houseguest, Angie!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

WIP Wednesday 4.13.2022

Thanks to Alycia and her Half Square Triangle project! Her collection of blocks were really instrumental to me in the making my blocks!

Ooops! This one needs to be ripped and fixed!

All better!

Here are my completed blocks. I've been working diligently as I am having company again. DD is dropping off Angelo -the dog- today and heading over to Grand Rapids for her wedding duties. That includes two -yes! two days and two nights!- without her MOM!! I don't think they have been separated overnight since DD rescued Angelo...

                        various Pinterest pins

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Design Wall Monday 4.11.2022

When the guild announced the Annual Quilt Challenge: Half Square Triangles, I groaned...I'm not real good at sewing those pesky triangle units! Then I got excited because I remembered Alycia provided a whole slew of blocks for her Half Square Triangle Project, found here

Do you ever hear one thing and someone else hears another? Well, I think I misunderstood the parameters of the challenge but I've come to far to abandon what I am creating. LOL I heard, " Use black and white and up to three different accent colors-any shade or tone in that color family. It can be any size and must be a completed, batting, backing, quilted and bound."

So I decided on 3.5 inch unfinished HST's as a 16 patch. My finished blocks in the quilt will be 12 inches. Since I needed a whole slew of black and white hst's, I used the tube method and an old Quilt In A Day ruler I had. 

Here are the black and white blocks.

Hummm....back to the stash and I pulled various shades of gray and made more hst's.

I made a few more blocks trying to add a little variety.

I ended here when I ripped one block about three times because I kept sewing it very wonky!

                        various Pinterest pins

Sunday, April 10, 2022

QOV Sunday 4.10.2022

I thought I would post a few of the QOV's I've quilted done for the Casual Quilter's Guild. I receive these quilts as a bundle with the pieced top, a back and sometimes binding. No other information is given to me. So I don't know 'who' in the guild pieced the top or 'what' pattern was used. In any event, enjoy the eye candy!!

Quilt A:

Quilt B:

Quilt C:

Quilt D:

Quilt E:

 Hope you enjoyed these quilts!