Saturday, June 29, 2024

SoScrappy Saturday 6.29.2024

Today is the fifth Saturday of June of the color blue. I missed reporting the first Saturday, so today is my day to showcase the Meals on Wheels place mats that I have been making this year.

Now this challenge was definitely a challenge. The theme of the Table Scraps June 2024 is watermelon. To me, blue and watermelon just don't mix. I did 'see' watermelon fabric on blue background...YES! That would work BUT the idea is to try and use what you have.

After trolling Pinterest, I found this image and thought I could make it work.

Here are my watermelon slices. On the top far left is the 4 patch. Next to it, is the one fabric slice with a bite out of the edge. On the bottom row is an even easier sewing version for me. One fabric slice with a bite out of the middle.

Next, I used blue as the background!

I quilted wavy lines on the place mats. Two were bound in the green plaid...which now only a few scraps are left and blue bindings on the others.

I did struggle with this challenge but am happy I stuck with it. Even if the piecing was a little harder than I wanted to make for Meals on Wheels place mats!

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Friday, June 28, 2024

Finish or NOT Friday 6.28.2024

I went off the grid last weekend and then I had a bad case of the 'I DON'T WANNA'S' on Monday.

On Father's Day, my hubby found out that a 35 foot motor coach was for sale. Now, we've been thinking about retirement in 5 years and thought camping might be an option. I think I have camped for a total of 7 days in our 42 years together! In any event, this wonderful motor coach came to our brick and mortar home. Needless to say, my learning curve is steep!

In between getting acquainted with her, I managed to sew a few 2 patches into 4 patches to move my current leader/ender project along. I also needed to clear off thread on about 10 partial bobbins. My totals were 150 red/white 4 patches and 251 blue/white 4 patches.

On Wednesday, I went to my day group...The Howell MelonHeads. I did press all the 4 patches but I think I will need to invest in a board as the wool mat was wet and hot from the pressing. Not a good thing on the plastic table...who knew?! It's time for office elections at the MelonHeads and I definitely have a target on me. LOL

I also picked a pattern for the 3/6 yard fabric that I received from New Hampshire. It's The Wave from Fabric Cafe's Make It Patriotic book.

Here are a few blocks up on the design wall.

It was a t this point, I realized that I didn't have enough fabric to make it as large as the directions states. So I made fewer blocks but kept the borders as described in the pattern.

The size is about 56 x 77 before quilting. I did rationalize that it would be fine as all the fabric is floral in nature. Most likely it will go to a female veteran. Hopefully, on the smaller size.

I did get it quilted and bound yesterday. It's all ready for it's label.

pattern: The Wave from Fabric Cafe's Make It Patriotic book
panto: Happy Times

Saturday, June 22, 2024

SoScrappy Saturday 6.22.2024

Today is the fourth Saturday of June of the color blue. I'm reporting a week behind schedule as I was out of town for the first Saturday of June!

Time for the main block of the 2024 Scrap Buster Challenge.

pattern: 2024 Scrap Buster main block

I started to put the blocks on the design wall...and realized, as I suspected, there will be quite a bit of work on the alternate blocks when I decide on an arrangement but...

I didn't realize...all the extra blocks! Holy Moly, Batman!

pattern: 2024 Stash Buster main block

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Friday, June 21, 2024

Finish or NOT Friday 6.21.2024

I have two finishes this week. I love it when that happens! :)

First up is my August Birthday Beach quilt. This is really a fast quilt if you have a print that you don't want to cut up. I also added two borders to make it wider and longer.

pattern: Mary's Quicker Strippie
panto: serpentine

The second finish is the Pathway to the Big Stars. This was a free sew-a-long hosted by Lisa Sutherland on the FB QOV Working Stars group. The stars are 18 inches so it also works up fast, also!

pattern: Pathway to the Big Stars by Lisa Sutherland
panto: vertical serpentine

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

WIP Wednesday 6.19.2024

The August beach quilt went together fast! I added two more borders to make it a bit wider and longer.

pattern: Mary's Quicker Strippie

I also worked on my Big Pathway to the Stars. I was a little short on the white and then I had a mis-cut! Oh no...I'm missing a few blocks.

I was able to buy more light and finished out the quilt top.

pattern: Big Pathway to the Stars by Lisa Sutherland
                It was a free sew-a-long (and download!) from the 
                    FB QOV Working Stars group

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Monday, June 17, 2024

Design Wall Monday 6.17.2024

I have two projects I want to  report on. 

The first is another 'Birthday Month' item. This one is the fabric pull for the month of August. I decided to buy 1 yard of beach themed fabric. August reminds me of the hot sun and playing in the sandbox and swimming at my childhood's friend's pool. Mary adjusted her Quick Strippie to an even Quicker Strippie

pattern: Mary's Quicker Strippie

My second project is a FB QOV Working Stars sew-a-long called Big Pathway to the Stars. This one is hosted by Lisa Sutherland. The pattern is a free download (for a limited time) if you are a member of the FB QOV Working Stars group (membership fee is $5.00/year). Here is my fabric draw. I might be a little short on the light as I don't have the full 2 yards that Lisa reccomnds.

pattern: Big Pathway to the Stars by Lisa Sutherland

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

SoScrappy Saturday 6.15.2024

Today is the third Saturday of June of the color blue. I'm running a week behind in my RSC updates so in this post, I present to you my Hollow Nine Patches.

pattern: Hollow Nines (public domain)

In June, I pull out my pile of blocks and take a look at them. I 'see' I am a few short...

I found a few 2.5 inch square scraps and filled in the holes.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the Rainbow Scrap (or Stash!) Challenge. I make a few blocks every month and the block piles grow quickly!

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Friday, June 14, 2024

Finish or NOT Friday 6.14.2024


My finish this week is an abstract one! Last night was the Wrap Party for the guild 'Birthday Bash' Challenge that has run from September 2023 thru June 2024 that I was the admin. I was so busy that I didn't get any pictures of the event but I am happy to report that I considered it a success as we had 12 members participated with 20 entries!

I started with two Trinket Bins for the members present, blogged here.

and...this is what I came home with! 

Everyone was very happy that I had a little trinkets (and some helped themselves to two or three items!) instead of one large gift.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

WIP Wednesday 6.12.2024

I've been spending my time making little trinkets as gifts for the Guild 'Birthday Bash Challenge' Wrap Up party. In addition to the following items, I've also included glue sticks, scrubbies, lint rollers, Udderly Smooth Hand Cream, a few duplicate Villa Rosa patterns, a little box of thread and a little box of pins. Yes...the Dollar Tree store has been my friend! LOL The thread and pins are re-gifts. Shhh! Please don't tell...

Charm Square Trays

pattern: Charm Squares Trays...found here.

                modification: I cut my squares/batting at 5.5 inches

Chap Stick Key Fob

pattern: Chap Stick Key Fob...found here.
                modification: I cut my fabric at 7 x 7 inch, my
                                        911 Interfacing at 7 x 4 and
                                        I had to fold in my top to fit under the hardware.

                reason: my Vaseline chap stick was wide! 

Pinwheel Pincushions

pattern: Pinwheel Pincushion...found here.

I didn't make this set of pinwheel pincushions, I found them at a Quilter's Sale!

You can't go wrong with a few bags of M&M's.

pattern graphic found here.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Design Wall Monday...6.11.2024

Oh wait! It's Tuesday and late!

There hasn't been very much on the design wall. I've been gathering and assembling trinkets for the 'Birthday Bash' Guild Challenge Wrap party on Thursday. On the 'to-do' list for Thursday is to quilt down the next guild QOV. I did this on Sunday. I added the top/bottom border so it measured 68 x 80 before quilting.

pattern: Trip Around the World (public domian)
panto; Happy Times

This bundle also included the binding, so I went ahead and pieced it. I then sewed it to the front of the quilt and will pass it along for another 'angel' to sew the binding back.

I was talking to a friend and trying to 'help' with a pattern she wanted to make. Her eyes glazed over when I said that the corners are 'snowballed' or 'corner pops'. So, I volunteered to make a few blocks to show her. You know I would choose to use the RWB stash for my example. I'm going to put red corners on the blue frames but I'm unsure which corners I am going to 'snowball' (or pop!). :) This will eventually measure 50 x 70 before borders.

pattern: I'm using 6.5 inch (cut) centers with 2.5 inch (cut) frames. The corner pops
                (snowballs) are cut 4.5 inch square.

                Blocks are 10.5 inched unfinished.