Friday, December 31, 2021

Whoop! Whoop! 12.31.2021

Seems like Jack got a wonderful work out today! I must have ripped this 'flimsy' about a million times...but, hey, who's counting?! (besides me?!)

Can you spot the mistake?

I had decided NOT to put cornerstones in the inner border. All fixed!

Here is a close up of the puppy.

The 'real' puppy. I believe she is a rescue so they are not really sure of the bred. All I know is that she didn't have a lot of contrasting color. The first photo was texted to me. The second one I lifted off FB. Shhh! Don't tell!


pattern credit: Billie Lauder's There's a Dog on My Quilt

One last thing...

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

WIP Wednesday 12.29.2021

I made a few more 9 patches in light blue and cream. I thought I would do the next step and add the sashing in order to free up space on the design wall.  I planned to use white for the sashing and the light blue for cornerstones but guess what? I needed to wash the white. *Please don't hate me* I'm a washer* So I grabbed the whites from my friend's estate sale and to the washer, I went. Luckily, the washing coincided with lunch. LOL

After I continue with the sashing for the upper portion of the quilt, it will be time to figure out the dog.

pattern credit: Billie Lauder's There's a Dog on My Quilt!

Monday, December 27, 2021

Design Wall Monday 12.27.2021

Merry Belated Christmas, Friends!

My Executive Chef contracted Covid the Monday before Christmas and went into quarantine. That meant I was instantly promoted to the upper position in the kitchen for my three parties...oh boy! Luckily I had many different family members at all parties that pitched in to help. I only had one 'simmer down' moment and a few forgotten items from the buffet. All in all, I'm pretty happy about the parties! Now I have 42 weeks before the worry starts again with Thanksgiving 2022! Time to sew and quilt again!!!

Last week I did eek in a little sew time. I made 9 inch 9 patches, the start of another quilt. 😍

I happy to say that I did indeed find the lost quilt for the Gift Exchange! The lucky draw was from my second brother. He promptly unwrapped it, wrapped himself in it and spun around!

Unlucky for him, the next person in the draw stole picture as my nephew immediately gave it to his GF. This party was her first with the family, so I was trying to be respectful. LOL

pattern credit: Debby Brown's Back to the Garden in RWB

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

WIP Wednesday 12.22.2021

Can I Whoop! Whoop! on a WIP Wednesday?

I finished my Christmas placemats. I made the lot slighter smaller since I need to fit quite a few around the tables. 

First I tried a green accent:

Next I tried a red accent:

Next I made a few with brown accent:

Then I tried beige accent:

Next up was a dark grey accent:

Winner! Winner! I made the balance with this color combination. They all got the same backing fabric. I think I brought this for my bed quilt then went in a different direction. After 26 placemats, I still have a little left over. LOL

pattern credit: not sure where I first saw this placemat configuration.

I also wanted tp update DS's GF's stocking.

Here is the old one, it's not bad just not really her personality.

The new one! Purple is a favorite color!

pattern credit: Twice turned Christmas stocking by Canuck Quilter

I also made a few gift card holders. I had all the others tagged when I remembered to take the picture. This was the extra one!

pattern  credit: Hello Sewing gift card holder

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Design Wall Monday 12.20.2021

and where have I been?

Well, I've been attending to neglected health issues. I went to the eye doctor and needed new glasses. I went for my annual physical to get a re-up on my chronic meds. While there, I showed my doctor a sore spot on my right calf. Since there is pain, I have an ultrasound scheduled this week to get a better look at the lump. I also discovered that DH only Christmas shopped for ONE child! That left ONE child with no gifts...guess who is trying to pick up the slack? Along with planning, shopping and hosting three parties...yikes! 

Very little sewing to end 2021 but here's what I have...

...I took the lining of the 'mondo bag' that I thought was wrong and figured out the diagonal sewing. So, I made it into a sewing bag for me! Did I tell you that I've been wrapping gifts as I buy them?! This empty gift wrap tube worked out as a pretty good bag holder! LOL

pattern credit: Mondo bag - using a panel instead of pieced fabric

I also cut for a few (like 24!) Christmas placemats. I was a little distressed as I was for sure, I brought Santa fabric but I could not find it! I did go to JAF to buy more...

That brings y'all up-to-date...

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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

WIP Wednesday 12.8.2021

I dug into my bags of crumbs and pulled out blocks for a fun and bright quilt. My hope is to donate it to Quilts Beyond Borders when finished. QBB requested size ie 40-45 x 48-69 a very do-able quilt, here is the post about the project.

pattern credit: crumb blocks, public domain

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Couple More Foster Bags

I made two more Foster Bags. These will be donated to a group that puts together gifts for Foster Care children. The goal was to gift 30 bags from the guild. I didn't hear a count at the meeting last night but will probably hear after the due date of 12-11. My fusible fleece was old and wasn't sticking well so I brought more and used my 50% off coupon. Always happy when I am able to use that paper coupon! If you don't use your paper flyer end up being dropped from the mailer list. Just a FYI...

Bag 1 is a mitten print. I have a ton of this print. I think I was originally going to back my queen Christmas quilt with it then changed my mind. I was happy to use about a yard of it. The peachy mittens were a little feminine so...

Bag 2 is spaced themed! This selvage said 2009! I think this makes a nice masculine looking bag. 😍 I was pleasantly surprised at Saturn's maybe I planned it. Just so you Earth was upside up and one Earth was upside down! LOL 

pattern credit: modified Mondo Bag 

At the guild Christmas party, someone went all out with their dish to share! Hint: It wasn't me! This is on my friend Gladys' plate. I didn't take one as I'm not an olive or raw carrot girl but thought is was really cute! 😍

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Until next time...Happy Sewing!

Friday, December 3, 2021

Blogger problems...

...blogger is NOT being nice to me tonight! It won't upload my current photos...grrr.

A post without pictures is like a day without sewing!

I did finish the Foster Bag but made a few 'design opportunities' along the way. I'm going to try and make another before the Monday guild meeting. We'll see if it happens...

pattern credit: Quilt Smart Mondo Bag

photo credit: here 

THIS IS NOT MY BAG! Simply a picture of one I found online at the previous link.

Edit: Blogger uploaded my bag picture! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

WIP Wednesday 12.1.2021

A Call to Action!

My guild put out the SOS that 30 Foster Kid's bags are needed by next Thursday, December 9th! I downloaded the instructions and scratched my head. Oh boy! I'll need my thinking cap. LOL Next came the communication that 'kits' were available as 'porch pick up'. I hurried over to one of the selected porches and retrieved a 'kit'. Here are the parts I'm looking at for my 'kit'. Looks a lot like a Mondo Bag but using fabric panels...ummm...

I snapped the picture with right sides up but the back of the print has fusible fleece on it. Now that I 'see' how the pieces were prepped, it will help with my understanding of the project.