Wednesday, December 1, 2021

WIP Wednesday 12.1.2021

A Call to Action!

My guild put out the SOS that 30 Foster Kid's bags are needed by next Thursday, December 9th! I downloaded the instructions and scratched my head. Oh boy! I'll need my thinking cap. LOL Next came the communication that 'kits' were available as 'porch pick up'. I hurried over to one of the selected porches and retrieved a 'kit'. Here are the parts I'm looking at for my 'kit'. Looks a lot like a Mondo Bag but using fabric panels...ummm...

I snapped the picture with right sides up but the back of the print has fusible fleece on it. Now that I 'see' how the pieces were prepped, it will help with my understanding of the project.

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Sherrill said...

You are a brave woman! Sounds like you have a place to start. I know it will come together. Can't wait to see it.