Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Nag Day' Sewing

Yesterday was a 'Nag Day', a day to get to some of those 'things' that I just keep putting off. I sewed some in the morning, then did some errands, the usual stuff once the kids were home and dinner, then back to the sewing room.
Here is what was done:
Made then sewed the binding onto the Valor quilt. Even started to hand sew the binding back yesterday! This task usually waits a long time for me to complete!

Packaged up the ASAP quilts for Paula and mailed them off to her. Arrival should be early next week. Paula called, while I was out, and left a message that she had received 45 quilts at her guild meeting this week. Woohoo! Her goal was 40 quilts so she will be able to gift more to the children of the school age parents. Quilters everywhere are so generous! :)
I cut for Sarah's Orange Sunshine quilt. The pattern is 'Sunshine Makes Me Happy' from the book Strip Happy by Donna Kinsey. (Link here).
After dinner and a game with DH and DD, back to the sewing room I went. DD wants to be a vampire for Halloween so...making a cummerbund was on tap as she has a party and the subdivision Tick-or-Treating this weekend! We also found a cross for her to wear in my jewelry drawer and I made a fabric necklace that matches the cummerbund...thank goodness that I knew how to make tote bag straps! That's all the necklace 'chain' is but much thinner. :)

That's it...that's how my 'Nag Day' sewing went...


jacquie said...

it's good to have a day like this! Love the vampire costume!

Stephanie D. said...

Sounds like a very productive day! The cross adds a nice touch, but I didn't know vampires could wear crosses!

Cher said...

hurray for getting some quilting stuff done..nice costume touches Pat

Judy S. said...

Nag day, I love it! You got a lot done, didn't you? Great costume and very creative!

Sue R said...

*Very* nice quilting job on Paula's quilt! I like your daughter's costume, she must be excited about Halloween.