Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mail Call

I had a note from the post office that I had a parcel waiting for me...woohoo! Many thanks, Norma! It arrived a whole week ahead of schedule. :)

It's my FAB Challenge #2 giftie! I have strict orders NOT TO OPEN until we are all together online as the *project* is not wrapped. Norma will be available online sometime around February 6th! Stay tuned for the *Reveal* in the beginning of February. :) and I did Norma used the *tropical camouflage* challenge fabric???

FAB Challenge #2 update (umm...the one I'm still working on):

Clue #6: I was all excited as I finished stitching the binding and label and thought, 'WooHoo! Time to mail!'. Then I remembered the EMBELLISHMENTS! (????!!!), so I'm still stitching away inching ever so close to being able to post my package. Now, I almost never, ever put embellishments on *projects* (oops! I almost gave IT away) so this part actually might fall into 'the quilting bucket list' I have on my sidebar. (Many thanks to Pam, who designed the buckets.)
T-shirt Quilt update:

I wanted to *try out* the shadow size and *see* if it looks okay. I also put a 2 inch border around the whole piece to try and get an idea of how one might look once pieced inside the quilt top. This particular logo was kinda big, so I'm thinking it just might end up on the back in some capacity...a label perhaps?! I took the picture with the block against the tile floor in the sewing room so there would be a little contrast between the block and background.
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Maureen said...


I can not wait to see all of the FAB challenge projects - you guys are just teasing the rest of us that have been following what little clues have been bloggged.

I like the shadow block. If you want more of a "shadow" effect you could make the shadow fabric smaller, but I'm not sure it is really necessary for this kind of "bold" block!


Linda_J said...

looking good, Pat. Mike must be happy with the progress you are making.

I must admit you got me wondering about that project as well but it won't be long till the reveal!

Pam said...


Norma....can't you cut that trip short...Pat is putting embellishments on my project and I can't wait forever to see it!!