Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Updates

Update #1: I worked more on the FAB Challenge#2 piece.

Clue#4: Tore off the paper foundations. This worked much better after I got a pair of tweezers. I think if I do more paper foundation piecing, I would definitely invest in a good pair of tweezers for the sewing room tool caddy.

Clue #5: After a portion of the *piece* was together, I decided that I didn't like how this little 'zipper' was playing with the other fabric around it. So, out it came! This ergo-seam ripper seamed to work easier than the straight one or maybe, I'm just getting used to the *frogging* motion! :) I was done *frogging* in a jiffy.

Enough clues for you, Pam?!

Update #2: Uncle Mi's t-shirt quilt

I finished sewing the frames onto the t-shirt motifs. Next up is to organize by size then trim (or add) to get all the shirts in a vertical row the same size. After that, then it will be time to add the shadows.
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Pam said...

I like the zipper! The zipper is cute!, I am going to keep my eye peeled right here...hoping to get more peaks! whoo hoo...



Karen said...

Pat, if you are looking for a great tweezers, get one that women use for their sergers. They come with a long handle and are much easier to handle than the short ones.

Stephanie D. said...

You are staying so busy! I'm in total admiration here.

Linda said...

I have been watching your clues unfold and today just had to tell you that I can't wait to see the finished result!

Linda_J said...

The paper removal part can be a little tedious. I use newsprint weight--get is in reams from ABC school supply though my last shipment will need to go through the scrap book page trimmer as it is a tad too wide for the printer. It removes much more easily.

Printer paper is a pain!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

A little spritz with water on the paper makes it come off almost magically - and then all you have to do is press the block to dry it out. Easier than tweezers - although tweezers still sometime help in the tiny spaces.