Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Wednesday

or maybe the post should be labeled, 'What's Finished Wednesday'!

I made a few labels. Two went onto the Birthday quilts and three for future projects. :)

Off to the closest Post Office. The delivery is promised for Friday~the actual Birthdays~but Saturday delivery will work, too!

After that, my day went downhill...rather quickly, at that!

DD, DS and I headed to Madison, Wisconsin where Adam Burish (formally of the Chicago Blackhawks and recently signed by the Dallas Stars) was having a public viewing of the Stanley Cup. YES. THE. STANLEY.CUP.

But we arrived too late and they closed the doors. We hung around until Adam brought the Stanley Cup out and hoisted it. This is as close as I got~not really~I used the zoom on the camera.


Maybe next time, I will get to touch THE. STANLEY. CUP.

We decided to stop and have lunch at a fun looking place called Ella's Deli.

Bad move~both DS and DD didn't like their meals. Too many screaming/crying kiddies (must have been close to nap time) and we all had Tylenol for dessert!

Thirdly and most broken heartedly, I have to report that my favorite Milwaukee Admiral (now ex-Milwaukee Admiral) player signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets/ Springfield MA Falcons. Photo by Chris Jerina.


Good-bye Ben Guite and Good Luck with your new team! (Think I might move Bell Creek Quilts to Springfield MA~just kidding~sorta!) It was Ben that caused me to *love* hockey again and return to ice skating. Well, DD wanted to learn to ice skate so we took classes together. :)

I really need to start another sewing project but with the way today has turned...think I will park either in front of the computer or TV...and save the sewing room for tomorrow. :)
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Anonymous said...

so sad for you to lose a fav player~but isn't that the way it is in the ahl?! one gets traded or one doesn't re-sign with the team?!

let us *know* who your next fav player is next season :)


Stephanie D. said...

I'm with family on the screaming kiddos thing. It's why I refuse to go to Golden Corral any more, even though hubby has tried to persuade me many times. Just don't need the stress while I eat!

Tamera said...

Sorry your day was such a bummer! My grandma used to say, "Momma said there'd be days like this!"

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. I know the kiddies spoiled Ella's for you, but you have to admit, it is a pretty cool place. I love to watch all the animated characters! Sun Prairie has a quilt show in March and that is usually when I stop at Ella's for lunch.