Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roadtrip Tuesday

On Tuesday, DH and I went to a financial planning meeting in a northern Chicago suburb. DD tagged along and read her book. Here is the view from the 14th floor conference room. The building we are in is actually the reflection of the glass. Our advisors were telling us that normally, one can see the Chicago skyline. But since the weather has been hot and hazy~the view is obscured. I kinda like the closer view anyway! :)

After the meeting it was lunchtime! We drove around a bit~read DH was lost but really?! who cares as we found this yummy restaurant to eat at.

This dude meet us in the lobby.

Here are a few of the *master grillers* working the kettles.

Sorry~no pictures of the meal. I was very hungry and ate my sammy in about 5 milliseconds! All that talk about $$ made me very After the meeting~I decided the best course of action is to die at 88~before I run out of $$...

After lunch, we walked around the Woodfield Mall a bit. DD got some new shoes for school. DH was *speed walking* through the mall so I opted for the *let's head home before rush hour* choice. We got home at about 5:30 pm. Just in time for dinner. I told DH that we are cutting expenses by eating macaroni and cheese with bolgna sandwiches for dinner. That ought to buy me one more month of living expenses on the other end I figured...88 and 1/12th years.

DH said, "Let's go out". Guess who won?!

My calzone was very tasty and enough leftover for lunch today! :) Make that 87 11/12 years old. :)

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