Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WIP Wednesday 5.31.2017

On Memorial Day, I dug into one of my bags of rwb fabric. I make quilts using 2.5 inch strips and I knew that I have quite a few leftovers.  When I watched the Missouri Star tutorial for 'Make a Baby Block' quilt--I thought the center would be a great place for my *leftovers*. Link here for the you tube tutorial.

I have four centers made and three blocks ready to assemble. The one in the upper left is all together. It finishes at a whopping 32 inches square!

(sorry for the wonky picture-I'm on a new computer and not familiar with the photo editing yet...)

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Alycia said...

Oh Now I like that idea for a QOV!!! And what fun to use all those Squares and have lots to search for!

Karen said...

Very pretty blocks. A fun pattern to use scraps.