Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Wrap Up

After being gone for almost 10 days, boy do I have lots to share!

Friday...we arrived at the cottage in time for a quick bite to eat and head into town for the fireworks after lots of hugs and kisses from DD who has been with the Grandparents since June 23rd.

Saturday...travel to Gaylord with SIL (shopping for swim tops for kids) and stopped into The Ice House Quilt Store. Sadly, nothing wanted to follow me home :(

I did make my first trip into Wimpy's for ice cream so the day was not a total loss :)

Sunday...hanging out on the deck/beach as the kids took turns riding the tube, etc. Daisy had brought 12 new tennis balls with her and she was in doggie heaven :)

Monday...headed downstate to visit with my Mom. As soon as I got there, she hurried into my van and wanted to go shopping. Off to the big box store to stock up on supplies! My Mom is doing much better now. Her health is improving and she gets around very nicely :)

Tuesday...Mom and I headed out on our own mini shop hop.

First up: Monarch Quilts in Brighton Michigan. This store has a ton of brights and I was loving it!
Second store: The Stitchery in Howell Michigan. This store is a Janome dealer so I was able to buy a walking foot for the Janome Gem I have.

Next up: Wendy's Simple Stitches Quilt Shop in Howell Michigan. This shop just opened up in February and it was totally cool...don't let the 'little brown house' fool you. The ladies were very sweet inside and the fabric selection was varied and interesting :) At this point, Mom had enough shop hopping so we went back to her condo to rest up.

Wednesday...I meet up with Mama Spark at The Lake Street Mercantile in South Lyon Michigan! What FUN! Pam is a very energetic and very friendly. I felt like we were old friends catching up with each other instead of meeting for the first time! I was very happy that we have sooo much in common and can hardly wait to see her again! The gals at the store were a little surprised that we had meet online first and it was our first 'in person' meeting as we talked and laughed like long lost friends. Here we are with our purchases. Pam went to town...I tried to control my spending as I was only half way through vacation :)

Thursday...headed back 'up north' and the cottage. DH, DD and the Grandparents had gone to Mackinaw Island and I was on Daisy duty. But of course, I stopped at Caroline's Sewing Room in West Branch Michigan. She had many many patterns there and one just had to follow me home :)

Friday...hanging out on the deck/beach day. DH took Daisy and I trolling in the pontoon. Daisy liked to poke her head through the railings on the boat and I even went into the lake!

Saturday...I headed into Gaylord and went to The Quilter's General Store. It is located in this cute little mini mall and they, too, had a pattern I couldn't resist. The whole town is themed after Germany and even the gas station is decorated!

Sunday...we loaded up to head home! My Mom got DS a Detroit Tiger T shirt as a souvenir, DH sent fudge from Mackinaw Island and I brought a few Ralph Lauren polo shirts at the outlet mall. I think the best thing though was the dirt/road bike that Grandpa sent for DS to practice his road riding skills :)

And what everyone was been waiting for (if you made it through this word-y post), the goods that followed me home!
A little bit of fabric...

A few notions and patterns :)

It was a nice break from the regular day to day activities but now I need to get back into the swing of things around the house :) I'll be the one dusting off Valerie and Baby Brother :)


Linda_J said...

For hitting all those quilt shops you did very well not to have blown your stashbusting totals out of the water, I would say.

How wonderful to meet your quilting/blogging online friend in person, Pat. I don't follow her blog but know what a kinship you can feel for someone you have never personally met but feel down in your bones that you have.

Best of both worlds--shop hopping and being with family and enjoying the great outdoors. I think the Ice House shop was once featured in Quilt Sampler? I recognize the name.

Jacquie said...

I bet you will. That's the best vacation...a little fabric a little fun...cools shops!

Sweet P said...

You had a wonderful vacation! All of those shops look great and you came home with just the right amount of sewing goodies!

Lori in South Dakota said...

What a fun vacation. And I'm impressed that you didn't need a uhaul to bring your purchases home. How many tennis balls did Daisy come home with???

Pat said...

Daisy dog came home with 4 tennis balls...she kept sliming up Sadie's(her dog cousin) tennis balls and giving her new ones to Sadie :)

Infinity Quilter said...

Wow, you sure found a lot of quilt shops to stop at....and what restraint. I can't believe that's all you bought. Were you afraid you wouldn't be able to fit it all in the truck? (just kidding) Way to go!!!

Karen said...

Pat, it sounds as though you had a wonderful vacation. Good for you for keeping the stash under control. You rock!

Cheryl said...

Now this is my idea of a great vacation. Show me the quilt stores!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It's got to be a great vacation when even the dog looks so very happy!!!