Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Today is binding day here at Bell Creek Quilts.

First I repaired the binding on this quilt. I had actually labeled it! July 2004. This is a very early quilt of mine and not only was the binding coming off but the quilting stitches (the few that are there!) are ripping out. Yet this is one of the family's favorite quilts as it is so very soft. :) I figured it was time to fix the binding after washing it with the binding half hanging off!

Second, I'm working on the binding for my next QOV~Railroad Crossings, pattern by Pam of Vanilla Latte Quilts. Notice the cup of coffee~a favorite binding accessory and it's half gone. :)

I also washed the pillowcases as I have been binding...does that count as multi-tasking?!
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Anonymous said...

good for you! I tend to *not like* sewing the bindings :(


Linda_J said...

yep, multi-tasking for sure.

There is nothing more wonderful than a well loved, broken in quilt. If new binding will give it more life, than you gotta fix the binding.

I have one that was given me from my FIL's estate. While it has no sentimental value (I only met the maker once--DJ's stepmother, "meaner than mean") that thing is like silk. I think it has that "cloth of gold" on the back.