Friday, February 17, 2012

The Next Quilt

I started the blocks on the next Sashed Animals (B) quilt.  DH has said the ladies at work are DEFINITELY pregnant.  With one due in March and another in April~I best get the second completed.  I asked if the other co-workers were going to hold a baby shower but all I got was a shrug and, "They never tell me anything!" answer...

When I was working on these blocks, my almost last wound bobbin ran out. I still have a few bobbins of various colors-red, black and blue-that I don't like to use to piece. Since I can't remember the last time I changed needles...I went ahead and changed it out and wound 8 more piecing bobbins.

When these piecing bobbins run out~the needle will be needing changing again. :)

A little about my piecing needles~I like to use 80/12 in my Baby Brother.  I ran out of my regular needles but found a stash of these titanium needles.  I had brought he titanium ones when I was quilting on Baby Brother and using spray basting.  I was hoping that the spray basting wouldn't stick as much to the titanium needle.  Now~I am simply using what I have before I buy more of the traditional piecing needles.

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Linda_J said...

I use the Schmetz 80-12's and order in bulk from Discount Embroidery Supply. Since they only cost about 35 cents a needle I change mine often if I don't break it first, LOL.

I do notice some slubs sticking on the needle when I work with fusibles---wonder if that is like the spray basting stuff?

Using more than one machine for different purposes it seems like I am always winding bobbins for one or the other of them. Better to have a pile at the ready!