Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Snail's Trail

I am always amazed that as I put together a quilt that I might not like the individual components but as a whole, I like it! That is what happened with the Snail's Trail. My favorite part of quilt making is assembling the top to *see* how all the *parts* look together.

I like it but the bottom doesn't seem complete.

Better. Much better. I added a row to the bottom to complete the black snails, although hard to see as I was standing on a chair and the camera was at the ceiling :)

13 x 15 set. 82 x 95 before quilting. and I only made one *arm* wrong and caught it before that *arm* made it into the quilt...woohoo!
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Linda_J said...

Good plan, Pat to complete that last band of color! I will be interested to see if you add a spark of color in the borders or DS would prefer that you don't? It needs some lime green or red, LOL. Or even blue or yellow

And hurray for spotting the twisted arm before it was in there permanently! I think I used my door peep hole religiously when I was putting my version together to keep checking the rows. I recall that I had one row out of sequence that actually went down further in the quilt. Dodge the bullet there!

Stephanie D. said...

I always liked that quilt, and it looks even better now!

Judy S. said...

I LOVE this quilt, Pat. Is it as hard to piece as it looks? I hope your DS appreciates your hard work!