Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Peek...

...of one of my super secret quilting projects.

Block parts here and border fabric here. I am quilting with Happy Times panto from Willow Leaf Studio.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?!

Yep...I'm about 3 inches longer on the top than the bottom~not a good thing!

Right about then I was grateful for a few things:

a. I was quilting this and could fix the problem

b. When asked at JAF the other day, "Would you like the remnant?" I said , "Yes" . Although I really didn't want to have to count *it* *in*. :)

c. Valerie has zippers on her canvas leaders~till this point I had never zipped it on or off for that matter.

d. I was able to sew a little more to the bottom and managed NOT sew in the top, batting or canvas! and I did actually sew the right sides together! :)

e. I had started this secret project early enough in the day so that I could fix the problem, finish the quilting and hide it away before the giftie (DD) arrives home from school!

This is much better, agreed?! I was running a little close on the batting, too. Glad it was the backing that needed the extension and not the batting!

So after about 30 minutes I was able to quilt the last row...and now it is time for lunch.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

The Milwaukee Admirals play a 3-in-3 weekend...that means they have a game Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon! Tonight is in Rockford, Illinois but Saturday and Sunday's games are at the Bradley Center~you'll find me at the rink this weekend!

section 206 on Saturday and section 220 on Sunday...if you do, indeed, need me! I'll be ringing my cowbell! :)

Go Ads!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

good thing you were able to *fix* your problem :)


Linda_J said...

Glad you could get your problem situation worked out so the quilting could continue. It is looking wonderful, what I can see--the colors very rich and the quilting is very complimentary to the piece.

I am sure that it will be well loved by the recepient.

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, I'm lovin' this one!