Saturday, December 4, 2010

Purple Crumb Treasures Update

I finished piecing the Purple Treasures quilt to a flimsy. I had originally thought that my purple scraps wouldn't have enough variety for my liking but I do like it! Although I still have half a box of purple scraps~I can at least *see* the dent I made into my purple box!


Sometimes I wonder exactly *how many* crumb quilts are actually lurking in the scrap boxes waiting patiently to be made and loved by someone...

A little stash addition, too. The dots are for the back of the Purple Treasures, so it will have a quick turn around but...the hockey fabric! It was on sale and being a hockey girl...just how could I resist?!

+4 yards dots.
+6 yards hockey :)

+10 yards total added.

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Linda C said...

The dots are perfect for backing your purple treasures crumb quilt. Some girl/woman will very lucky to pull this as their gift. Hurray for a finished top!

Glenda said...

All the women in my family love purple what a Great quilt.

Silverthimble said...

I love the green sasking on the purple crumb quilt! The dots for the back are perfect!

Lori said...

Oh Pat, you're saving the crumbs! I love the way the crumb quilts look, and purple is my sister's FAVORITE color, but no crumb quilting here. Nope. Not this girl--sweep those pieces off into the trash box. Its a great quilt, the backing was a great pick--and hey--the hockey fabric. EVERYONE has to support the economy sometimes.