Tuesday, April 8, 2008

John Deere Tractor, Laundry and Sewing Slug

What do the John Deere Tractor, the laundry and a sewing slug all have in common?


Last week, I was definitely slug material as I got very little done in the sewing room!

While I was waiting for the tractor to be delivered from winter storage, I did my DH's laundry.

Must have been about 2 weeks since it was last done!

I was also able to sew down the binding of the kitty biker quilt since I wanted to stay on the main floor and wait for the tractor delivery and babysit the laundry (you know, take it out of the dryer as soon as it's dry instead of letting it get all wrinkled).

At noon, still no tractor so I headed downstairs to the sewing room. I was able to sew the borders onto the green/white pineapple blossom quilt for Rachel's Graduation from Michigan State University this May. (sorry for the design floor picture but it was too big for the flannel in the sewing room :)

I'm happy to say that the binding and borders were two goals that I wanted to accomplish this week. yeah, two down about a gazillion to go :) I was also motivated to cold-call a few possible Presenters for my day guild. I booked one Presenter for November 2008 and left messages for two more possible Presenters! That feels good to get the ball rolling on programs for the 2008-2009 year.


Sue R said...

You have done a beautiful job on the pineapple blossom quilt! I love green, and I love your border fabric! I'd like to try one of these quilts sometime in a scrappy version.

Karen said...

It's those little things like laundry, kids and cooking that get in the way of a good sewing day...lol...Love the green blossom quilt...gotta try that one some day.

mamaspark said...

I LOVE the MSU quilt. Is that Sparty fabric on the back??

Linda_J said...

You certainly have been a busy girl! Norma is going to love your pineapple blossom since she, and her Mom, both love greens. I have taken to calling it her neutral, LOL. (yellow would be mine) Rachel is one lucky girl--not only be graduating but receiving the quilt to honor that.

I've about a yard of binding to finish on a quilt that is heading out to Pam but then I'm cutting for the weekend and another project. My book finally arrived in the nick of time!

Silverthimble said...

LindaJ is absolutely right! I love this pineapple blossom quilt! And yes, green is my new neutral. You are lucky you don't live near my mother and I....that quilt might have a new home! LOL I am going to have to look seriously at making my own version. Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to Saturday?