Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stash Busting Report Week #14

I seemed to have lost my focus in the sewing room this week and as a result, I have a few carryover goals heading into the new week. My report for this past week follows:
  • fabric received in: 3 yards
  • fabric used: 5 yards
  • net fabric for the week: -2 yards

Net fabric year to date: -30.5 yards (used)

What I accomplished this week:

  • quilted 1 Tiny Teddy Panel
  • machine sewed binding to front of kitty biker strippie
  • pieced a 4Patch ISPY to a flimsy

Goals for this week:

  • hand sew binding back on kitty biker strippie
  • piece Green/white pineapple blossom to flimsy (this is a carryover)
  • practice quilting on Tiny Teddy panels (this is a carryover)
  • find, cut and begin piecing for day guild mystery (oh my...due Thurs!)
  • cut and start piecing a floral disappearing 9Patch

I also have a few miscellaneous items to take care for my day guild this week. I better get to it so that I will have something to report on Thursday :)

1 comment:

Sue R said...

I love your lists every week, they're really a big help staying focused. You'll get back on track and get lots done this week. I do love your strippies! Hope we see some of the disappearing 9 patch this week, I like those too!