Friday, April 25, 2008

Stormy Day

Today was a day of storms in my corner of blogland! The power has been out at least three times during the last 24 hours.

I had started my next top, Strip Twist by Bonnie but when the power went off, I switched to finishing the hand sewing of two labels.

I am a little worried as there seems to be a low spot between our house and the neighbor's and with the quick rain, a river developed draining to the front pond in the backyard. This picture was taken between storms today. After tonight's storms, the water from the front pond has crested over the back to the second pond. At least it is heading in a direction away from our house and towards the third pond :) We will 'see' in the morning how much the water has receded.


Lori in South Dakota said...

oh dear, more rain is coming your way, or maybe I should say SNOW!!! Rained at least 2", then ice and now snow!! My hyacinth are blooming underneath that white stuff. Oh well, good time to stay inside and sew. Hope you stay dry!

Finn said...

Hope that all is well with you Pat, and that the rain hasn't made that 'river' rise too much.
We got the rain up here in Pierce Co, but not to the point of any damage.
Hurray for all that new fabric and having soooo much done on those quilts! Way to go!! Hugs, Finn

Greenmare said...

we had that incredible rain too! Thank goodness it wasn't snow or we would still be snowed in!

Sue R said...

Hi Pat, hope everything is ok with you after the storms. It's been so dry here after the snow melted that we're in fire condition high alert (or whatever they call it). Thanks for sharing the quilts you've done the pantographs on, I really enjoyed seeing them. You've really been busy lately!