Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on Lake Country Mystery and 9PP Prep

I was able to sew two more churn dashes on my Lake Country mystery quilt. I also put the sashing on the flannel cuz I wanted a pix so I could remember the placement. Then I thought, why not just sew it together this far? So I sewed half of the inner pieced blocks together. I still need to make 6 more churn dashes but at least now I know what the placement is when I pull the parts out of the shoebox :) This is a pattern that was shared by one of our members so I don't 'know its origin'. If you know, please leave a comment. I would appreciate it. This quilt should finish in the range of 55 x 70...a better size for a teenager to snuggle in!

I also did some prep work on my 9 Patch Pizzazz for the FAB sew-in. I took Pam's advice and placed the bigger pieces on the flannel for a 'map' of how it should go together. I wonder why don't I ever follow directions?! This would be easier if I had! Instead my focus and companion fabrics for the big pieces are the same (a whole lot of kitties are playing here) while my focus and companion fabric for the 9 patches are different from the big pieces, my pink is blue and my green is yellow...are you confused yet? I know I am...LOL. Maybe check back in over the weekend and 'see' if I can sort through it all and produce a quilt top :)
I sewed my 'dancing strip sets' and my 'mooshy strip sets' but no stitching the 9 patches 'til morning :)


Linda_J said...

Looking good, Pat--ready to sew away and have a good time doing so!

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