Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quilt-lets and Roscoe!

With a new color scheme of blue/cream in her room, DD's pink/yellow Hello Kitty quilt-lets just weren't working in her room!

So I made her blue/white checkerboard quilt-lets.

One for her night stand.

One for her dresser. She put away her pink/yellow Hello Kitty lampshade and pulled out the blue penguin one. Looks pretty good on her dresser....maybe I should have pulled out the penguin quilt, too?! just kidding! :)

Now I need to do the hand work on Blueberry Cheese Spread binding.

Look who we were LUCKY to meet last night at the Milwaukee Admirals game! Roscoe came and spent some time with the group we were with at the game. He is a very funny character when you meet him 'in person' (or whatever 'thing' Roscoe is!). :)
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Karen said...

My son did an internship with the MA. He sometimes had to be Roscoe's "helper". He did lots of promotional things while with them, but his favorite was being Roscoe's aide. Unfortunately, when Mike graduated with his BA, the MA weren't hiring. :(

Judy S. said...

Quiltlet, what a neat idea, Pat! Your DD's room is going to be lovely. Lucky her!

Greenmare said...

very pretty, I love the blue and whites!!

Fabric Mom said...

Very cute table toppers. I need to make some for my night stands. I love penguins. When you are tired of that lamp let me know. :)