Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Table Toppers

I decided to tackle a smaller project before I jumped into the next bed size quilt.

Here are my Valentine's Day/ St. Patrick's Day table toppers. The way I cut the pink paisley focus fabric, I had enough for six medium size toppers. Four will go in the family room, one on the shelf by DD's room and one under the clock radio on my night stand. All are pieced the same for Valentine's Day, pink paisley with the cream swirls then pink/yellow polka dot for the outer border. Four have the plaid shamrocks on the back as in the left side and the remaining two have shamrocks with ribbons that I found in my stash. :) I have about a week to enjoy the shamrocks! Do you think I will get the Easter set done before Easter?! maybe if I go to work on them right now! not!

Pattern is Genii Lehmann's Quick and Easy Table Topper and Runner. You know what?! They were quick and easy! :)
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Greenmare said...

GREAT!! You got sooooooooooo much done!!! and yes, you will get the Easter ones done, I have confidence in you!

Becky said...

Your table toppers look great. What a super idea! Yes, your Easter toppers will add to the holiday spirit.

SueR said...

Didn't you make a set of these a while back? Seems to me I remember seeing them. They look so nice! An Easter set would be nice too.