Friday, April 10, 2009

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

DD and I made 'Tie Dye Easter Eggs' this morning using this method found here after a visit to the St. Vincent de Paul store.

Eggs in tie wraps.

Eggs in plain outer wraps.

Eggs in the 'hot tub'.

The Results.

I wished I had tied the wraps tighter as there is quite a bit of white showing!
Eggs #1 and #2.

Eggs #3 and #4.

Eggs #5 and #6.

Egg #5 is really really light as the silk dye didn't hardly transfer at all.

After we run our errands, we are going to try and dye another batch of 6 eggs!


DD suggested rubberbands instead of string and here is the resulting eggs...round #2.


Chris said...

That is just too cool. I'm going out to by 3 dozen. Is it okay if I link to your post?

Karen said...

This is a cool way to dye eggs.

Judy S. said...

How pretty? Are you going to make deviled eggs? Have a wonderful Easter!

Pat said...

I'll start collecting silk items at the thrift shops and hope I REMEMBER to do this next year! The grandkids would love it, I'm sure.

Stephanie D. said...

I love these eggs! They're so gorgeous!

I've been buying silk ties at yard sales and thrift stores for a Victorian crazy quilt some day, but I might just have to sacrifice a few of them for this!

Zlaty said...

Beatific eggs!
I saw this method on Martha, so it really works!


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