Friday, November 13, 2009

A Few Pictures!

Well, I downloaded Picasa to the new computer. At the rate we were restoring the files, it would be a looong time before the process is complete!

First up: The *maid* costumes...headless to remain anonymous! It was a cold and windy night for Trick-or-Treating here, so the girls were able to wear the aprons over the winter coats. As a bonus, I have an apron ready for when I cook!
Pattern is Vanilla House Designs, Four Corner's Apron.

Second: The Jiffy Tote to carry DD's basketball shoes to the games. Her Sever's Disease is still bothering her so she has assumed the role of *official scorekeeper* until her heel heals completely.
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Anonymous said...

WHO are those cute maids?!

Linda_J said...

cute and properly grunged up, I would say but score on having an apron for yourself come cooking time. I tell you my chef's apron is in such sorry state that I really should make me one someday but am only reminded of this when I see someone else's.

I used to have a cow one made from a panel piece my mom used but that one bit the dust a long time ago.