Friday, November 13, 2009

Off Center Log Cabin Quilts

Judy, a guild friend, had shared her Off Center Log Cabin quilt design so I thought I would make two. One for a niece and nephew from the same family...I don't think that the parents read the blog so I should be safe posting these pictures. I'm not sure when the kids will receive the quilts...maybe Christmas but I'm not sure as the date was opened ended as to when I would complete them.

The niece quilt: She likes purple, neon green and blue. Enjoys soccer and non girl-y things. I went for the purples and blues and soccer.

The nephew quilt: He likes red, blue and black. Likes basketball but not baseball! I used some of the same blues as in the sister's quilt and tried to keep the reds closer together in values. I was hoping the pinwheel pattern would be more predominate on the second quilt.

Hope the kids like their quilts!
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Linda_J said...

I sure like them, LOL. Does that count? Well done, Pat!

Isn't something how the same blues can look so different when combined with other colors?

Sherrill said...

Those are really pretty, Pat. I'm sure the niece AND the nephew will both LOVE their quilts! Good job!!

Silverthimble said...

These quilts are gorgeous! I love the way you showcased the feature fabrics! I am sure these will be a hit! It looks like you don't have any snow yet. It was very cold here today!