Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Quiting Codes

In January, I posted my 2010 Quilting Codes as opposed to Quilting Resolutions. Codes are more a guideline to quilt (or live) by rather than a definite *thing* to do. Make sense?! Let's see how I did, okay? okay...

A. Promise Quilts and Things. ummm...keeper. Still can't say, 'NO' when relatives/ friends ask for homemade quilts and things. Although this category is dwindling as more of my creations are finding homes other than my own. :)

B. Gift Quilts. ummmm...keeper. This is why I began quilting. To gift to others that touch my life in some manner. Now to figure out *how* to get quilts to my favorite Milwaukee Admirals players without seeming like a crazed quilting stalker...thinking I just might give quilts to charities by proxy...if you know what I mean. I made a baby quilt for my favorite player who had his (well his wife did) first child this fall and I donated that quilt to Margaret's Hope Chest. ps: They named their son, Patrick! In my fantasy world...yep...the kiddo is named after me! I never said I was totally sane, now did I?!

C. Donation Quilts and Things. keeper, keeper, keeper. My day guild donates Cancer Recovery Totes to two local Breast Cancer Centers and the Centers are always in need of the totes. My night guild is trying out a few different activities for donations and I'm *all in* on that. I donated a few QOV's to Alycia and her No Soldier Forgotten Quilt Drive. I love the colors of red, blue and tan. :) I also discovered Carin's Margaret's Hope Chest. A perfect fit for me as I am using my dinosaur fabric and helping to cover the youth who have a parent (or parents) in prison.

D. Dinosaur Projects. keeper. Trying to move the older fabric and projects out of the sewing room and cover others in the process.

E. ME Projects. new category...yea! I'm thinking about making seasonal quilts for my bed. More seasonal quilts for the family room. Birthday gifts for the FAB's. Seasonal backpacks as I really like this option as a purse. These are just a few projects that are for me. :)

I still want to keep track of the fabric in/out. Not so much in the stash busting arena but just to *know*. I must say that come October/November, I really dislike reporting that I have added to the stash. :)

Thanks for sticking with me this long on this but I like to put down my thoughts about my sewing year and think about the next! gosh...2011...already!

2011...big year for me! 10 years quilting, 25 years of marriage and 50 years of life. wowza!


Stephanie D. said...

A Banner Year! Good job on 2010 and I like your codes for this year.

Mama Spark said...

It wasn't boring,Pat. I still need to do this, maybe tonight. Congrats on the 25/50 that was us last year (actually spanned a year and a half). Happy New Year!!

Maureen said...


I loved reading this post! Let me just say in 10/50 years - you have come a long way Baby! You have motivated me to take a serious look at both of my blogs. Thanks so much for being a great roll model (in blogging and quilting) and friend. Happy New Year!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Good luck on your codes. Some big milestones for you in exciting!