Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter 2011 *To Sew* List

Well, I crossed off a lot of the items off the bottom portion of my list but didn't finish very many of the personal items. I am going to carry over these personal items to the newest list and 'get 'em done!'

In no particular order:

Winter 2011 *To Sew* List


  • Allison T*shirt
  • Cousin G~Packer
  • Cousin L~floral coin
  • me~grocery bags
  • floral rag
  • label/hanging sleeve for Milwaukee Admirals
  • Oconomowoc Quilt Guild Beanie Baby Challenge


  • Cancer Recovery Totes
  • Margaret Hope Chest A
  • MHC B
  • QOV A
  • QOV B
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Linda_J said...

I have found that the more donation work you do, the less your own stuff gets done. That is part of the reason why have so many UFO's.

Not a bad thing really since we are helping others in what we do---only just so many hours in the day to work on things.