Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stash Update Week #33

What a FAB-ulous week! I spent part of Saturday at LindaJ's virtual birthday party and then I was able to sew for a bit. What else was FAB-uluos?! I added no new fabric and had a finish!

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added this year: +175 yards

Fabric used this week: -6 yards
Fabric used this year: -176 yards

net fabric for the year: -1 yards~woohoo! used more than in!!!!!

What I accomplished this week:

finished MY CAT button up for Linda
finished a water bottle cover for Linda (also made two more~not pictured)

Goals for next week:

work on QOV blocks
two binder covers for DD

I did get de-railed by an unannounced visit from some cousins. They have visited just about every year that I have lived in Wisconsin. Greg actually lives about 15 minutes from Bell Creek Quilts and his brother, Matt visits from the greater Flint, Michigan area. They pop in for about 2 hours prior to their annual visit to the Wisconsin State Fair. So I was kinda expecting them, sorta~if you know what I mean. Matt has been after me to make him a tshirt quilt~all Harley and all 4X~and I have been saying, NO! He wants them shirt to shirt without any sashing~seems like they would just be too stretchy and uncontrollable to me! Also, one he received from his father right before he passed away...which must be about 20 years that one is IRREPLACEABLE if I make a mistake. I am really super hesitant to make this quilt. He really just dumped the tshirts and literally RAN! There is a mysterious *Cousin Connie* from the other side of the family and I was sure she would just LOVE to make the tshirt quilt! In any event, after the cousins left: my FIL called and asked to meet us for supper. The have been at a motor home rally about an hour from us so we each drove 30 minutes to Lake Mills and had a nice supper at a restaurant called Blue Moon. So my sewing day was cut short but I did get to enjoy company from both sides of the family.

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Mary said...

The T-shirt quilt works best if you are sure to stabilize them first with Iron-on Pellon. Good luck with that one. If you used more than you bought, shouldn't that be a PLUS 1 yard? I like how you state your "goal's" for the upcoming week, too!