Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Binder Covers

DD asked for two binder covers. One for Math and the other for multiple subjects. I tried to free piece the *math* letters ala Toni Ricucci. *M* was the first letter I did~much trial and error and very wonky. I had printed off the instructions from 2006 on the *letters-how-to* from Bonnie's Qultville but the *freebies* have since been removed from Quiltville~at least, I couldn't find them to link back. Toni has since had a book published describing her free piecing tachnique. DD's *Jesus Loves You* image is one she found on the web that I transfered to fabric paper and sewed into the binder cover.

We are getting ready for the first day of school on September 1st!
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Linda C said...

And it will be here long before you are ready for it to be. Cool binder covers for DD to start off the new school year.

Pam said...

Looking good! Fun to have something personalized like her binders...good job mom!


NeverBored said...

You did a fantastic job! Lynne, at Patchery Menagerie blogspot, was recently doing a tutorial on free piecing the letters of the alphabet. She took a break and is going to continue with that soon. I'm always afraid I won't get around to trying the things I see on the Internet before the posts are removed, so I've figured out how to save them to a flash drive. Now when I'm ready "some day" I know right where to find the instructions.