Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing Preparations

The FAB's are getting together to celebrate LindaJ's birthday and sew this Saturday. Linda's sewing project is The Skinny Strips quilt, found here. I tried this pattern a few weeks ago and I totally was NOT grooving to it! Sew much sew, that I took the project and hack it up and turned it into another totally different quilt :)

Linda, being the sweetie that she is!, exempted me from this project and let me select another! I am going to make my version of Mary's Amish Strings. Except that I am going to use beige as my base and sew blues, reds, golds and beiges to my squares. I am starting at 10 inches then will cut down to 9.5 inches so the final block size is 9 inches. A 6 x 8 set should be approximately 54 x 72~a good throw size for Quilt of Valor!

Here are about 32 foundations cut. The beige I was going to use~I used somewhere else~sound familiar?

Instead of running to the store~I shopped the stash to *see* what was available.

Of course, I made a few blocks to *see* if it looks okay.

Too soon to play with the layout?!

I promise this is all that I made.

Today we are at the Wisconsin State Fair and Friday~well, there is a ton of shopping to do~groceries and Walmart to name a few~plus a visit to my in-laws at their motorhome camping site in Madison~sew I don't think there will be very much sewing happening today or Friday!

I will be sew ready for Saturday! :)


Linda_J said...

I am liking this idea! The golds perk it right up, don't they? You have to make a trial blocks and our sewing isn't a race so no problem!

Hope you had a godd time at the fair.

Greenmare said...

SEW! it's Saturday, I hope you are getting some good sewing time in!!!

karenfae said...

I just found your blog and noticed you are from Oconomowoc - my father & family lived near there when he was a child (his older siblings went to school there) then moved to Denmark WI - I had never seen a blog from there and thought I would comment :)