Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Birthday Gifts

Today is LindaJ's FAB Birthday party!

Here is what I made:
Linda had suggested three different Button Up patterns from Joined at the Hip. I decided to make the *MY CAT* and tried to piece the kitty like her furbaby, Skylar. Hopes it looks like him. :)

Next: Linda just loves the 30's prints so I made her a water bottle cover from some of the prints! Isn't it a happy cover?

I also included a little baggie with the leftover blue prints. Linda will definatley use the blue 30's before I will! Maybe in her bow tie blocks she makes! :) She had asked that I leave the top of the binding unsewn so that she could place the loops to match her Button Up base quilt. I didn't make the loops, just in case Linda has a prefered method of construction! How mean is that?! Linda will need to finish her own gift~ another UFO! :)

*MY CAT* pattern source, here.
water bottle cover from GROOVY GIRLS by Terry Atkinson. Website and blog.

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Linda_J said...

You did a wonderful job on my gifties, Pat and I thank you. You know, I didn't even think about getting a UFO to finish for my bday---till you said it yesterday, LOL. You just did what I suggested!

Okay if I borrow your graphics for my post later today? I'll get one of "My Cat" once it is up in its proper place on my wall.