Saturday, November 12, 2011

Never Say Never

I was so excited when I found this bag! 

I peeked inside and there was a piece of homespun on the top...I knew I had found the leftovers from this quilt I made with the Land O'Lakes Quilt Guild fabric.  When I moved from Texas to Wisconsin about 5 years ago~I tried to return the fabric but alas, it moved with me.  I thought it would be fun to try and make something with the homespuns that I could send it off to Alycia for her QOV pantry.  Yes, crazy me, I made a rag quilt as a donation~hey it was 2005, I was still a newbie and I thought only rag quilts were made from homespuns!

I'm currently digging in the sewing room to find UFO's to finish and send to Alycia.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the leftovers from this strippy quilt! pattern here. Teals, browns and leaves, oh my!

(DD is my quilt holder...circa 2005)

I removed the leaves, added a few of my *beauties* and made a Bricks quilt.  Most of the strips were already cut at 3.5 inches so I just further chopped them to 6.5 inch bricks.  I tried to alternate between a teal and brown/or navy.  My mind must have wondered as the zig zags are not lining up...but I do kinda like it even though I would not have chosen this color pallet.

I said that I would NEVER make a Bricks Quilt.  Well, my fiends, I learned NEVER SAY NEVER!

Let's save the story of the back for another only hint is that I had to *dig out* the leaves, oh my!  :)


Anonymous said...

turning lemons into lemonade?!


Stephanie D. said...

Hmmm, not colors I would have put together, either, but they look really good together.

Linda_J said...

yep, never say you won't ever do something. Those words will come back to haunt you.

Actually it looks pretty cool, Pat. See what you find hiding when you go looking in those bags and boxes. UFO's? Be gone!