Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

In July, 2011, Cher gifted the FAB friends this panel and a sampling of the companion fabrics, from Wisconsin to Alabama to Oregon (x2!) to British Columbia, Canada we stretch.

Saturday was *our* day to meet online to chat and sew!  it is very rare that all five of us are in one place at any given time to chat~what fun we had.  :)   Each also sewed as long as she was able.  I had to leave the sew-in early to pick up DD from her sleepover.

I didn't have a plan where I was heading with this quilt except that I wanted to have 9 patches as an alternate block.  I simply *let it happen*. 

I cut the panel like this.

I then added as I went along.  I wish now that I would have framed the smaller animal blocks totally in black so as not to lose the 9 patches in the sea of darker blue.  I also wish that I had made the bottom black border wider, too.  I did add black, the light blue in the border and both the green grass and dark blue in the 9 patch fabrics.

I am not a pattern designer and now I know *why*!  I have a new respect and admiration for all you pattern designers out in blogland~well done, my friends! 

Well done on designing patterns! :)


mkhquilts said...

You did a great job!! Gives me an idea of what to do with some of my panels I have! Thanks for sharing.

Silverthimble said...

Looking good, Pat!

NeverBored said...

I like my EQ when I need to design a quilt because it lets me see my mistakes and correct them before I cut into the fabric. But without that tool, you did a good job using a challenging fabric panel! and you learned from the process what you would do differently next time. You were creative and learned something in the process: Good job!

Linda_J said...

Now I wish I had done something a lot smaller like you did. It looks fine. I like the frame of squares around the outside part mixed in with the sky blue you used.

I wish that had made a blue bubble fabric like the stuff that frames the panel as all this stripe in the 3 colors ways is not how I usually work. A mix of fabrics, not all from the same designer would have been preferable BUT...........

IIWII, just as you said. There are things we would change if we could.

Vicki said...

Looks great, I dont' think you lose the 9's in the blue. I really like it and think you did a very creative quilt with the panel and the fabrics. Very nice.