Monday, April 2, 2012

March Color Palette Challenge

When JudyL posted about the year long Color Palette Challenge, I didn't think I would join in. But them I saw her basket quilt, here and developed a serious case of *basket envy*.  Not fatal but I had the urge to make myself a basket wall hanging. 

I found this May Button Wall Hanging from Joined at the Hip  (you will need to scroll down to the May Button Up picture!) on my friend's LindaJ's blog and thought I could make that!

Vicki provides the Color Palette and this was March's colors.

This is my basket quilt for the March Color Palette Challenge.  Now hanging in the family room where the Valentine Wall Hanging was!  The basket of flowers should be able to *hang around* for a spell.  :)  The yellow is actually brighter but is washed out in the photo....   :(....
To see other  March Color Pallete inspirations, click here.

To see *what* I was doing yesterday instead of sewing, click here.  make sure to scroll to the video portion and *watch*!  First man off the bench to aid Jeremy Smith is non other than Mr. Brodie Dupont~one of DD and my scrapbook players!  Brodie is so mild mannered when you talk to him!  :) Hard to believe he was first in the Super Scrum!


Linda_J said...

OOOH I like how this turned out, Pat! Very nice for Spring months!

You do know that all I have done so far is semi-collect fabric for my version? Some quilting friends were most helpful but I may still end up making a basket sampler. Oh, and I want to do a little block for my small calendar quilt wall hanging too (for May)

GRRRR I would happy to prove that i am not a robot if they would at least use some font that doesn't blur the stinkin' letters all together.

Vicki W said...

It's a beautiful basket.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Very pretty! Great for spring and summer:)

Sharon-IN said...

Love your basket! Take a look, I did a basket too. :-)