Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Impromptu Quilt

All bound and labeled~although incorrectly!  I just noticed that I inked in today's date and not tomorrow's.  :(  
Kinda of a big wort!  :)

Close only counts when you are throwing horse shoes, grenades and atomic bombs.  :(

I tried my hand at free motion quilting with Valerie.  Her new wheels sure are smooth~operator error~now that's another issue altogether. My loops in the border started out a little weak but got stronger at the finish. My stippling I frogged and went with a plan B. My olive's need a ton of work and Thank Goodness for my friend Maureen! (here and here)  She once told me that if you can't sew around something straight then sew around it a couple times...then the outline stitch will *look* like it is suppose to be wonky. 

See, Maureen! I listen even when you might think I'm not!  :)

Getting ready to put this in the washer and see what happens. :) Good Luck! 

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Linda_J said...

Bet the baby can't read---or maybe you were setting a goal like I did with QOV? Dated it one day ahead and then had to make the deadline.