Thursday, June 28, 2012

New On The Design Space

When I saw these blocks on Alycia's post~I knew that I wanted to try them.  :) 

I was all set to figure out how Alycia made the blocks when she emailed me and said~WAIT! I'm going to post the directions~ her block directions are found here. Cool and many thanks Alycia!  Many of you know Alycia through her endless love and work for Quilts of Valor in her home state of Colorado.

So, I dug back into my pile of red, white, beige and blue looking for 2.5 inch strips.  I used 12 each of the red, beige/white and blue strips.  This gave me 24 blocks.  At the end, I needed one additional blue block.  I made my blocks two at a time plus the one loner at the end.  :)  I decided to keep the red/blue as the inner/outer and place the beige/white in the center.   You know me~trying to make order out of the scrappiness of my sewing!

I made some blocks.

Then I made some more.

Before I knew it~the center of the quilt was complete!  I'm thinking about adding a black inner border. But for now, I'm thinking about it.  :)

Thanks Alycia for the directions for this block!

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Nancy said...

I like these blocks and need to make some. Thanks for the reminder.