Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer 2012 *To Sew* List

Time to write down my Summer 2012 *To Sew* Wish List


1. bed quilt
2. place mats: July, August


1. quilt expo kit 2011
2. quilt #1
3. blue ridge beauty
4. quilt #3
5. virginia bound
6. quilt #5
7. blue wicked easy
8. quilt #7


1. quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest~need quilts for Prison Ministry July 2012
2. start on 12 in 12 Quilts of Valor~just a little behind here.  :)

I have a new goal!  Instead of making re-usable grocery bags I have decided to collect the plastic bags from the grocery store. When we help to distribute the bobbleheads at the Milwaukee Admirals games, fellow fans appreciate bags to put their multiple bobbles in. So in a sense, I am recycling!  Usually there are about 5000 bobbles to give away.  WOW! That's a lot of Piggly Wiggly grocery bags!  :)  Here is my group of bobbles from last season...

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