Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Uh-Oh! Moment

Ever have an *Uh-Oh* moment?

I did yesterday when I realized that I will be gone all next week and I have projects with deadlines!


Pedal to the medal and I worked on one bag of fabric from the Operation Snuggles co-ordinator, Barb.  I orginally received two bags at Lake Country Quilt Guild in May.  Since Lake Country breaks for the summer~we were told to make our quilts and donate them wherever we wished.  Cool.  At the June meeting of the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild~they announced they will be collecting Operation Snuggles quilts in July!  WAIT! WHAT!  uh-oh.

Bag number 1 contained various novelty fabrics.  Cool.  Right up my alley. 
Bag number 2 contained all sorts of blues. Cool.  I stole some blue from Bag 2 and added it to the contents of Bag 1 then fussy cut the novelties, added a few novelties of my own and some framing strips...

TA-DA!  The Bag One quilt flimsy.

Stay tuned and see where I end up with Bag be continued...

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Linda_J said...

This one turned out well too! Busy girl when that deadline snuck up on you.