Monday, July 16, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids Link Up Party

Katie at Swim, Bike Quilt is hosting the *100 Quilts for Kids* Quilt Drive~see link in side bar.  :)

Recently I sent four quilts that I had made to Margaret's Hope Chest, for the Prison Ministry Outreach program.  I am going to write only one post and link each quilt individually so each one will be entered into the Giveaway Prize Pool.  In so specific order:

Quilt A.
pattern source: 4 Patch Posey by HD Designs

Quilt B.
pattern source:my imagination

Quilt C.
pattern source: Sidelights

Quilt D.
pattern source: Popsicle Sticks by Atkinson Designs.

many thanks to DD who held my quilts complete with a sunburn.  :)


Silverthimble said...

Nice quilt show Pat! DD is getting taller! (We can tell by how straight she is able to hold the quilts up. LOL)

The Thompsons said...

They are all lovely!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I'm so happy to see your quilts again this year! Thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids.

Nancy said...

A superb collection of quilts.