Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm Heading to the Mitten

Last summer I wrote this post about my Mom.  Well , she insisted she was NOT dying and only had a bad case of the flu.  Guess she was right all along!  as she just celebrated her 90th birthday in June!

This weekend, my 13 year old DD are heading out for a weekend at Grandma's....

from Wisconsin to to you in a few days...  :) 

I'll give Mom a kiss from you and let her toast her wine to you!  Thanks for all the well wishes, y'all!

graphic from here.


JoAnne said...

My sister decided not to go on dialysis last August and was put on Hospice. One year later and she's still clicking along, not too much worse for her decision. Just goes to show you - doctors don't have all the answers. Glad you've had this additional year with your mom and I hope you enjoy your time in the mitten.

Silverthimble said...

Enjoy yourself, Pat! Safe travels!

Linda_J said...

Cool graphic!

Delayed happy birthday to your mom. Hard to keep a good woman down, right I know you are thankful that she is still with you and your family. Were you able to surprise her after all?