Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Quilty Finish

I finished the binding on my latest set of the ISPY squares.  It uses 72 blocks!  No wonder I needed to mix in some non-animals with the animal novelties! My quilt holder is at a sleepover~oh to be 13 again!~so the garage door was pressed into service this am.

I first saw the pattern at Katie's Swim, Bike, Quilt blog. The original pattern is called Storytime Squares by Rae and can be found here.  I adapted the pattern a wee bit as my novelties are cut at 6.5 inches. The final size is approximately 50 x 70.

I quilted it with a new to me panto called Halcyon by Lorien Quilting.  I purchased the panto here.

It is hard to see so here is one shot.

and another.

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Cher said...

nice panto! what a fun quilt! checking in to say I am back to reading blogs especially FABS...