Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Because THIS happened last night on the way home from DD's hockey class...

...I have been waiting all day for Flo to call and come figure out the damages so that the minivan can be taken in for repairs.

find Flo here.

I had originally planned on quilting Olivia but when I am running the long arm~I can't hear the phone ring.

So I sewed the bindings onto the front of two of the string quilts.

Then I started to sew back the binding on the Rocking Horse baby quilt.


Linda_J said...

Oh, I am sorry to see the big dent back there but I am more concerned that you and DD were not injured. Some one rear ended you?

I hope that you got the information you needed and Flo came through it meant a detour in your days plans.

Nancy said...

I hope Flo calls soon so you can get repairs made quickly.