Monday, November 5, 2012

Stash Update November 5, 2012

Busy week here at Bell Creek Quilts but no sewing...

DD made her acting debut and finale this past week with the 8th grade play.  She also performed in her first piano recital.  Two things I have never done!

We had two home hockey games~one of which we volunteered as extra workers so we had to be at the stadium 1.5 hours before the puck dropped!

Which leads me to the statement, "No change in my numbers"

fabric added this week:      0 yards
fabric added this year:  +210 yards

fabric used this week:        0 yards
fabric used this year:    -220 yards

net fabric for the year:  -10 yards (used and holding steady)

What I accomplished this week:

not a whole lot

Goals for next week:

quilt and sew   :)

1 comment:

Linda J said...

Hooray for DD! That takes a lot of guts to get up in front of an audience like that.

I only had to do the piano recital thing once or twice but remembering any lines was strictly programs at church.

Maybe this will will slow down enough to get a bit of sewing done?